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Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery - Business Impact Analysis

Business impact analysis is a critical part of business continuity planning process. This step is a negative impact on your business to real world problems can have the chance of data loss is quantified. It is understanding how to protect the people, processes, data, communications, assets and the goodwill and reputation of the organization can have a significant impact is the best way will be used to

Companies need to think in terms of disaster recovery. Business impact analysis, business continuity, disaster recovery and more companies are focusing less on the run to keep focusing on. Only potential for disaster, but business impact analysis, all potentially important not to focus on continuity. That is a key component of a business impact analysis to determine the impact of performing its function to set the maximum allowable outage time for each function to identify critical business functions. This regulation, legal finance, operations, or customer service needs can be measured.

Security and critical business functions and downtime is defined to evaluate the adequacy of controls, business continuity plans considered by the severity of the threat and cost-benefit analysis begin to develop an understanding of the need for potential threats that affect large high probability of impact.

It is the absolute value of the threats and impacts, and to identify priority is almost impossible. In general, an important priority in a relational system is used to drive. Often, each threat assessment, and 1, 5, or 10 grades are assigned according to probability. Then, for each threat, according to the impact on the overall project critical business functions would be appreciated. For example, the critical business functions of discrete values ​​of less than one hour can be zero. 2-3, 24 to be ranked one of the 1-8 siganneun discrete time, 8-24 hours can be selected. Of course, this position the company for certain standards need to be developed. Consider the probability by the impact creates the relational prioritization list.

Risk assessment and risk management and the organization's thoughtful analysis of potential impacts to quantify how control can begin. As well as high-quality as well as the results of the risk management responsibilities to pay attention to the description of management decisions and provide an audit trail. These charges are the sound and prudent management and the shareholders, customers can expect the requirements of the contract or appointment established by the regulatory or legal rights are. Protect the company's assets and people, data protection, protect brand and reputation of the organization's main goal is to protect.

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