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Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery - Business Continuity strategy selection

Risk analysis and business impact analysis found the risk of major business functions. In addition, the potential impact of these risks and damages, as well as the cost and recovery time is set to prevent or mitigate potential. Evaluation and selection strategy is based on the use of knowledge. Each of the strategy to focus on key risk areas strategic choice is to choose. The primary goal to stop or maintain business continuity in the face of disaster quickly to recover critical business functions and damage can be mitigated.

IT and communications for disaster recovery and business continuity capabilities and the connection of the many companies seriously affecting their business may miss other important parts. Choose a strategy for staff development and other public places, equipment, power, customer service, billing, customer and public relations. Better recovery time objectives, depending on the cost and impact on profitability in all areas clear strategy should be considered.

The most overlooked part of the personnel involved in the recovery strategy to select. Properties of each employee to be considered for the home or personal cell phone to contact a simple step that is often overlooked. And participating in forwarding this information to employees is important to maintain. Continuity and recovery knowledge, skills and motivation of the staff is the most powerful tool for

Implementation phase means a waste of time in the recovery scenario is to develop a strategy. The focus quickly and successfully to execute the plan effectively minimize interference, and to mitigate the damage is to implement the right strategy.

In any case, the strategy can not be determined in any strategy. Other significant risk of this scenario, the organization's financial viability, business interruption or business income insurance can be a viable strategy. In general, this has been lost due to damage to property, the company offers benefits. Therefore, the ability to survive and recover customers to maintain the possibility of the company increases.

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