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You spyware, adware or viruses have a way of saying

PC is running at a slower speed, because in general, you can say that spyware is the easiest way. Another way to determine the CTRL ALT DELETE and hit task manager is to hit (if you have Windows Service Pack 2. Before SP2 If you, then this will automatically open the Task Manager.)

Task Manager opens, the "Processes" tab to see the processes that are running on. Strange process you do not recognize a lot of running the ball, you can and likely spy-ware, ad-ware or is infected with viruses.

Unusual example of a process that is run twice fgkosk.exe or copy of the same process will be. Some "smart" Spyware is actually another Windows process can disguise themselves - if you have a copy of the running process if this can be said. Anything you are not sure whether the work does not end - besides the fact most of these files in the Windows registry as you own them, you can resume after closing.

You can also straight, Ad - Aware of these infected files, you can download the test program, including a list of good programs that use "you do at a time spyware" to check my other article.

Once you have them spy-ware, ad-ware, or the best way to get rid of the virus was made for the right one to use is one of the program. That fails, you can format your PC. Sometimes chulmolneun problem downloading, installing or running a program that can help you can be that bad. For more information, see my article "You spy-ware, ad-ware, or viruses have what one can."

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