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How to protect your computer

In today's world, computers have become an important part of our lives. We work for individual official will depend on our computers. We have a few in the middle of the action, the computer suddenly stop working and sometimes we wonder what.

The following exercises, if constant, somewhat to protect your computer you can help.

1. Disk cleanup, disk scan and defragmentor run.

Two. Leave empty your Recycle Bin.

Three. Clean your browser's cache.

Four. Run your business and what you get for free in order to avoid the habit of downloading only when necessary is very important to download the program.

5 Quick load times, even with the latest technology to keep the programs updated.

Six. Unknown people can be especially tempting, but in an attachment, do not open suspicious emails. It can be dangerous to your computer. Sometimes you even have the subject "Thank you for your order and credit card information," he can be attached with the email. Most of them are these attachments will send a malicious virus.

Seven. Above all, the anti-virus software to protect your computer must be updated regularly.

Eight. Backup all your important files and save them on a floppy disk, you can set the two. If you do not open a floppy that will help the other one.

Before calling technical support, you sort out your problems can help you to try the following simple steps, you will be wise.

Carefully connect the cord and the computer to check the circuit board. Gentle pressure to remove loose connections and technical person can modify the phone's large expenditures to repair the problem.

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