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Basic Tips and Tricks for Windows XP

Running the application in compatibility mode

With Windows XP, you are running on different operating systems, they had to, but if you can run the program. (This is the "emulation" is known as.) Simply right-click the shortcut and select "Properties" and "run in compatibility mode" check and programs running on it to select the operating system you want to believe. You really like NT, 2000, 98, or 95, the idea to use an earlier version of Windows, this program is a fool or trick. Will not run properly is particularly useful for certain games. * Be careful not certain system utilities, such as antivirus, defrag, registry and disk tool is used by the application.

Customizing the Start Menu

Right-click on the "Start" button, click the left click "Properties". Here, you start a new Windows XP style menu or window in one go 2000/Millennium style. In addition, the "Custom" button is used to select the two can be customized. This is also a large or small icons that you like cascading menus and other useful options can be turned on or off.

Bring the desktop icon

After you install Windows XP, you probably you've used previous versions of Windows, it was found that some icons are missing. Help simplify Microsoft intentionally did this to reduce confusion. Of course, for some people, this is the best choice or the user is not the default setting. So, you "My Computer" and "My Network Places" and reopen the Display Properties (right-click the desktop wallpaper and click "Properties" on the left) and the "Desktop" tab, click the icon to the desired case. "Customize Desktop" button and then the "General" tab, make sure the item you want. You can also use the screen to the desktop items you can change the icon. Finally, the end of the screen associated with the unused icons on your desktop, and if you choose the notification you can remove the "Desktop Cleanup" button.

ClearType gives me

Windows XP with approximately 300% increase readability level and cool "ClearType to" the great new video technology are included. "Display Properties", go to [Tips. "Guidelines for the desktop icons come"] This time the "Appearance" tab. "Effects" and click the second drop-down box marked for "smooth edges of screen fonts Use the following method to", "ClearType to" select Click OK twice're all set.

Lock your computer screen for a start Login

Deuleogaseoyi you change the settings on the control panel to "User Accounts" applet is open. "Change the way users log on or off" click. For maximum security, deselect the option "Start screen, see" Using The ALT CTRL Delete from the menu "Lock Computer" option can be used again, but at one time, many users are logged on locally can be prevented. This is also the style of Windows 2000 to return to the login screen. 'd Rather not * "Lock Computer" to use, but rather multiple users logged on to the computer at a time you select this setting, leaving the local and "Use Fast User Switching" to want to have the ability to check.

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