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Brand New Microsoft Certification Program

Once again, Microsoft IT training and certification program is greatly improved. The evolution of Microsoft training programs who need to pay attention to that part, or looking for more downside whereas these changes were much easier to use the Microsoft certification program. It's also people are already familiar with these new improvements should be known to have the Microsoft certification Microsoft because they can affect what the certificate.

Will be modified?

MCTS, MCITP Microsoft titles and all titles will be phased out. Before using the title for a long time, this certification Microsoft MCSE was, MCSA will be replaced by the title.

However, Microsoft has to do more work around the unique names have been changed. Also, in general, to reduce the Microsoft certification to define the title of the degree of inequality, such as the MCSE MCSA MCITP title, the title is considered to be the highest form.

For those who want to keep re-authenticate again, Microsoft's new MCSE or MCSD title is required. The owner of the certificate requirements, you upset a lot of people when many of the world's continuing rapid change in technology and the people of authentication for it is impossible to keep the same level of starting to realize, despite the introduction of Microsoft training without first General. MCSD Certification MCSE Certification to be updated every two years, every three years. MCSA certification does not require re-authentication.

Why fix?

Microsoft's MCITP and MCTS title certificate students or those who have not received all that well to hire graduates of Microsoft's certification program. Many companies have not yet technologically savvy, so Microsoft's new certification form, the company did not understand the difference between the old ones. Pre-certification of these individuals and the employer exactly why they mean a new type of hard work to search for a man as old as they are because of the need to explain things is by no means was appropriate.

The reason for the new certificate regularly updated by Microsoft, which does not recognize another reason to change the initial program, the declaration is true. However, the company the certificate has expired, even if you have certificate renewal vague about exactly what is needed to get. Needless to say, the situation of people with a large amount of uncertainty mandeuleoteul start training programs for Microsoft's idea.

How to upgrade an existing certificate

Almost all the new MCSE, MCSD and MCSA certification track offers a special upgrade exam. Know-how, new technologies, test version of the new and changed features, the student is the center of the test. It's always more than one valid test upgrade MCTS or MCITP certification is a prerequisite for. In some cases, you automatically MCSA certification for Windows Server 2008 or Windows 7, you can expect to receive, MCITP, click Authentication.

Microsoft, the benefits associated with the upgrade certificates?

People do not need it immediately authenticate because you can upgrade only recently, Microsoft certification rules have changed. MCITP or MCTS certification to hire one of his or her employment, especially if a lot of people stay abreast of new developments that may prove relevant to their type of work more than happy to give you, or she is a person, with experience will.

Nevertheless, new technologies, upgrades down the road that indicates the version of the certificate, Microsoft's new system will be good for those who have. It may be necessary to get a new certificate, which can cost time, it is worth the effort. In addition, Microsoft acquired the technology over the course of the certification requirements, a new type of something (by checking the special upgrade) is calculated, you will be able to study. The latest version of Microsoft technology companies (for example, Windows Server 2012, SQL Server 2012, SharePoint 2013, Exchange 2013, such as a) the urgent need to upgrade the current authentication at startup will get to use.

Microsoft's new certification system, Microsoft training courses taking or have taken until now did not have to worry about what people are considering. They are really useful and well in the long term expertise in a particular field of IT and the amount of training that will help you reflect, for the most part, people or less, even if there is no change nature. Taking a course at the moment for one of Microsoft's new technology, using a new program so you do not have to worry about is. At the same time the previous (A) certificate (or now known as the existing certificate) who eventually switched to this new certification undoubtedly hired without any problem keeping their old certificate, despite the fact that is a good way.

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