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Business continuity and disaster recovery - business, not technology issues

Hackers, hurricanes, fires, floods, power outages, denial of service attacks, application failures, employee error, now destroyed, the company's focus on business continuity planning is helping terrorist demands.

Y2K ready enough to realize a data recovery company IT executives, risk managers, computer systems, networking, and more that it is not a business manager in the late 1990s through the CFO. Y2K is important to restore and maintain it and how education systems, as well as what is needed to recover the data more clearly, but the business processes, facilities, and personnel is

Risk assessment is the starting point. Mission-critical business processes and systems to identify and can be customized. Recovery to determine the steps necessary to restore order to review the vulnerability. Your data, it is safe and that it is backed up to a separate location to confirm. Storage area network, data replication systems, new virtualization systems, network attached storage and storage management assessment provides a wide range of storage solutions. Diversity and redundancy built into their network and well-developed emergency plans and communications company to pay considerable attention has been tested.

Risk assessment and the real question for the drive to start the business impact of the failure of the losses that can occur. Important, critical business functions, processes, and all you need to create a record that affect. In addition, the resource requirements, and to determine the recovery time is the time frame.

Different recovery strategies, cost, reliability, and recovery times should be evaluated in order to achieve. When you evaluate the different physical, technical, legal, regulatory and human resources must include consideration. General management, and fully funding and personnel error occurred due to a lack of participation. Data, and the staff is the most valuable asset. the outstanding check list "during a time of crisis, senior officials considered" (entered in the search box, checklist, checklists, DR & BC click.)

Sound business continuity plan and the cost can be time-consuming. However, business functions, processes and systems as well as the company, customer and financial data can be destroyed to lose. You can build your plan. Re-train, test, training, and testing.

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