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CIO / IT Director, customizable upgrade Great Plains - Overview

Around the same time, Microsoft made Net cost of introducing movement attempting to get a portion of the database market: Pervasive SQL / Btrieve, Ctree / Faircom - and a free MSDE database program began. General direction of all the accounting system was selected - the so-called Microsoft announced the upcoming release of Microsoft products: Microsoft to name a few financial, Microsoft HR, Microsoft Logistics, Microsoft manufacture. But what Microsoft product (Great Plains, Solomon or Navision) will be the primary has not released or is switched to each particular family. Al is a web-based suite of Microsoft Business Portal will be integrated into the

Probably a wise move in the long run, these upgrades are a serious problem in the definition of the product under a lot of business with MBS exposure. We can offer you based on our practice will give you our recommendations. In this article we will talk about Microsoft Great Plains is.

Custom Great Plains Dexterity - Microsoft announced that its products will be moved .. NET platform Dexterity is phased / means to stop. But now Microsoft Great Plains Dexterity based application is still 8.0. Dexterity customization you, if - or those of our step-by-step recommendation is to consider the alternative: Crystal Reports, SQL procs and triggers, stored, Great Plains database Web publishing (Visual Studio.Net) and eConnect SDK (e-commerce to create a back-end developers to deploy Great Plains)

MS SQL to Pervasive SQL / Ctree migration - before you continue on the platform - If you have a problem - you end of 2004, Microsoft will no technical support. Migration tool when performing a standard data migration - Great Plains tables migrated using this tool, however, migrate custom table information for tooll not deoyi - These tables must be manually migrated. You Ctree / Pervasive Data MSSQL Server linked server to connect to the configuration can be used. ODBC drivers can be installed from GP CD.
VBA / Modify / continuum - they do not have a place of their own, so all these new technologies, a good candidate for replacement by Net platform.

Additional Notes: Great Plains Software as Great Plains Accounting is interrupted when designing alternative Agility - is true to some extent - it's the Declaration of Independence, Dexterity DB. However, the characteristics and the original btrieve / ctree is designed for analysis of the case definition and Dexterity to work with MS SQL Server needs to be adjusted. We are 8.0 or 7.5 Microsoft Great Plains Great Plains Dynamics / eEnterprise 5.0, 5.5, 6.0, 7.0 custom upgrades are talking about.

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