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Cisco Certifications 1 0 1

San Jose, California-based Cisco Systems network equipment, design, manufacturing and sales is a recognized world leader. They fiscal 2012 ranging from $ 1 billion in profit or loss commanding huge market share for the product, is quite powerful.

Cisco also for many other products have certification of the line. Cisco's site also professionals of all levels to quickly drill down to the appropriate career certification certification path that can be very effective tools. Registration, Associate, Professional, Expert and Architect, the highest level of certification in the Cisco Career Certification program of: Cisco Certified Network has five steps.

Cisco Certification 

2009, Cisco IT networking professionals in the business both IT and non-IT executives to help work with the new Cisco Certified Architect announced the rankings. CCA is now the highest level of Cisco certification and MBA business principles CCIE Cisco Certified Inter-professional or IT skills required for convergence will be.

Architects, this five-step hierarchy of the Cisco certification path, including seven kinds of forms:

Network Security
Routing and Switching
Service Provider
Storage Networking
The entry-level network technician (ENT) just such a fresh graduate, a network for people who are starting out on is a good place to start. Then a career in IT network considered passport Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) certification is the same standard level. A medium-sized Cisco CCNA network installation and to provide support for the basic skills test. CCNA certification costs $ 250.

After your Associate certification, professional and expert-level certification you can proceed. This certification in a specific area of ​​the selected professional understanding and skills to help consolidate.

Architect-level certification will not be easy to achieve. CCIE to get to the top, you also need to pay a lot of money for it. CCA costs and a $ 15,000 over 10 years of experience working in the IT industry is required.

More than this, you have a wide variety of business requirements will be asked to offer networking solutions architect must be received in the program. You will face a panel of experts to defend your proposal and, if necessary, modify them in front of the board will be prompted.

Cisco also diagnostic, repair, repair and customers at the location of important Cisco systems and network devices to replace one Cisco Certified Professional certification exam measures the ability to provide. CCT test for your domain:

CCT Telepresence
CCT Data Center
CCT Routing and Switching
Designers and resellers to provide support for Cisco products, including those of its partners program, some people can get the Cisco Specialist Certification.

You need to know about Cisco Certification General

In general, Cisco Certification is a timeout supervisor. They generally last 1-2 hours. Laboratory tests will take 8 hours. Problem types, including multiple choice single answer and multiple diverse spaces, simulation and drag-and-drop questions, enter

Tests are generally available online. Questions should be answered in the order.

As for cost, entry level test typically 125-150 U.S. dollars range. Associate level certification exam is $ 295 level typically $ 200 $ 350 $ 200 each, the cost professional, expert and professional costs $ 150.

As you know, a veteran IT professionals, IT careers, as well as the ongoing re-certification to the employer of the index is an important part of expertise. Cisco valid certificate can be extended indefinitely, but the proper way to maintain or certification expires or can be disabled haeyayi. Cisco certification keep up to date all the recommendations and proceed to the next step in your personal certification or re-certification specified test (s) must be certified by passing the re-offer.

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