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Computer Programming Description

Computer programming, design is the process of building a computer program. That is very simple, is not it?

Desktop computers may sound very similar to how it works - the most fundamental, computer programming you want and how you think you can provide guidance. Simple as the user of the computer, and now you can do with a computer programmer, the only difference between instructions, so they are stored elsewhere, which can be used repeatedly. In fact, you use the macro, such as computer programming, if you are in a software program such as a word processor or spreadsheet (or many other applications that are used by the macro) sort of.

Any computer program that can make a backup of the files in the folder, such as a word processor or routine tasks, such as text files, or some of the operating system of the computer that you can easily give the command stored in the complex do millions may need to use the code. We typically a piece of metal, plastic, silicone, and they in fact I can not think of a computer at all, and other material and stick some amazing idea that one way to do the same thing, you need to understand. However, they can see the instructions are very good. Anyway, these are guidelines? At the level of understanding of computers, they are very accurate and very detailed, step-by-step instructions must be completed so that they will be in the form of computer processors and other parts of the Understanding is not the same man that is a small electrical pulses (at least currently) can emit.

Methods, computer programs, etc. that you can think of, such as cookery: the results of a set of guidelines that can be followed to generate. Thus, recipes, instructions for use by humans, and some of the details, you can explain a little if left. Also means - for example, the recipe command mixer where it is someone you know and how to set it up that way, assuming the "foam, pour the mixture into the mixer and whip" mean bubble swelling, and so on. Human chefs are expected to fill the gap. Computer will not be able to perform this task - it's that I do not know what that means, except for a few simple guidelines. How humans and computers, so we can understand the guidelines can be converted into something do do this is to offer to write. Programming language "for instructions on how to create is called".

All we can do some computer programming language, more or less in a human-readable instructions, is to create something that can be converted into the computer is working. In general, human-readable instructions (you guessed it) is called - the code! To convert each row more human readable code of the thousands of computer instructions. Used to perform this conversion, a special program (or set of programs) that a compiler or interpreter to translate their language for each computer. This file (or in some cases, computer memory) or a set of files stored in any form, the software will run whenever the translation is complete, the computer instructions, and (hopefully) the program will follow the will to do whatever work is is

It is often useful to the computer software for power users that jeongtonghanwa interested in this program almost everyone genius idea, writing to learn, but you must. Most of the software is the professional knowledge and skills are written by ordinary people. Out of the reach of anyone willing to a few hours without much to know how to use a computer acquisition of knowledge and skills sufficient to perform useful tasks in pursuit of a master computer programming, but still ... Or much of the time, but still - it's not datjiyi.

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