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CSI Computer Forensics - Forensic # 12 bus from the real case - the case of lost computer

In fact, the story, the potential of being the name and location have been changed to protect the guilty.

A few years ago, Debbie Johnson, Kansas City, lawyers, based in a relatively simple matter for a large company, please contact me. Sacramento travel copied into the disk drive of the computer lab at my offices in San Francisco, he and his nine brothers and sisters were sent an e-mail to find the original combined. If the amount of tens of millions of dollars was a product liability lawsuits. But the moment you do not have symptoms, the plaintiff, an international company's own health, this product is defective product has been damaged by any claim? Of the coffee can.

Cool in the summer in the Bay Area, I smell 106 travel there in downtown Sacramento. I was sweating all right, but I was cold on the inside. As soon as the hot water, the other people wondering.

The computer in the lab can be shipped to me, me, and my clients are not satisfied, but not uncommon, Debbie was on the plaintiff's lawyer's law firm. We torture oak paneled "from the other side," I met with him the manuscript. He sent me a few years ago, he allegedly paid an incorrect e-mail his shiny computer at a conference table, despite their competition is not enough to be able to find a sat. My client, a colleague of his brother, send an email to disprove his contention, I think - he can make a case that shows ten of millions of dollars to catch some good.

I have a copy of the hard disk has been removed from the system to check the legal analysis of a person can do. I have 100 gigabytes of hard drive space that is surprised to find. The drive capacity of the new upcoming ears to refer to exceptional cases has been on the market. I would be about 20% the size of reports, I heard a small disk drive can be manufactured. Fortunately, there was a supermarket near electronics, so I took off my suit jacket and my mini van / wagon operation Institute (Beauty, just over 200,000 miles in a day to set the writing), and headed to the drug, and more than a bit of new equipment . After forty minutes, I arrived back on the scene with a new disk drive to clean melted rubber in all sectors of the court, I'm writing a bit of zero.

One off my satisfaction, I will set up the copying process. I was the disc jockey Diskology part of him, I like a big time version of the drive is just used in the Intel case brought bytes court will be able to handle what you probably did not like. I went without a hitch, the copy process will begin. While copying, but started to wonder - email estimate was driving at the time did a pretty big around? And for that matter, the age of the computer was very fast. I come from the market before this email was written in Windows XP? I began to doubt the game work on the computer, deleted emails document can not be found.

I discussed the issue of Debbie. Manuscript guess work right now is to waste - I think eopeotdago never wrong email on the computer. I am glad to find them, but I have a problem I'm components of time Debbie got back to HQ when my customers do not want to waste the money. Later, some manufacturers of Google search, a few questions, and I'm pretty good on the computer, people writing this e-mail is not guaranteed. Several disk drives in Windows XP and the new led modern were almost too much, the computer was less than two emails a month or two.

Against Torture called Debbie - this may not be the original system itseupnidaeul I have no idea why people were ... Until you see him in person. Because of this, he "out of trash pick-up was set in order to suppress," "did not work." Lawyers were not happy. The court was not happy. Nine brothers and sisters, or copy the e-mail in 4 weeks to go wrong with your own personal computer, the only solution was to move.

You hear that, do you think they were happy? If you would be put in place, such as your brother? Beloved brother of one task - through their personal computer to come to his house each of them complete strangers agree with all you can see. Vietnam era people's complaints brother of former Green Beret one of the most revealing examples - I did not march to spend another two years, "he says - be a good time to answer the call when the request can show my discontent God Ho Chi Minh Trail * m * t down, "I have understood.

It is opposed to torture people call them computer forensics, itdagoyi say they've turned out to be around a group must cooperate. I've been a righteous resistance has been found that when you say Debbie. Chemistry, and many of her torture in the next set of sibs was straight on the phone.

Copy your personal data to travel the next few days, brothers and sisters, the town from state to state, city, nine sisters, there is the question of innocent family members. However, the story has its own ... I have all the corresponding protocol to retrieve all the data returned to you in the most of the extra detail - of a "brother" to him on the phone let their struggle ... We are calling it coffee. I found a printed report, and the judge and opposing counsel for review two copies of the relevant authority has been sent. Debbie and her company can understand until you get the data, but the left or select a product or any improper person.

What did I find? Around the time of the alleged emails, Bora Bora, I found the actual mail. Coffee, coffee, coffee with individual studies for the whole family of brothers struggle, talked about the future of litigation. They do not understand the talk of coffee at one point, as both a person's e-mail Burgess'll be looking for? They agreed. They are just stories ... "C-word."

My e-discovery and digital forensic analysis when you find a different way to do something? Of course, for the most part, I just can not talk about it. On your computer, some of you do not want to talk about me, I'm sure. I work in the computer, do not want to talk about this one? E-discovery is often a very personal process.

However, there was one particularly interesting study. Green Beret's brother, my sister (GBB) calls right through the town to ask the computer to make a copy of the head, and he kindly said okay. Intention and - for me there he first, or sign does not hold responsibility for equipment damage and will refuse to read the required statement. Of course, the art of stealth war, horrible, no doubt, comes from educated people strangled. I have to sign for it, it's a legal document, you look like me if you do not want to have to get on paper what is my day. He has had enough, he's crazy good music, copy went without a hitch. In fact, plus the remaining damage I live!

One of my lab, I happened on the last day of his computer found. After about a minute my phone GBB permission to go to his e-mail will be deleted immediately. The theme all caps "coffee" NO "C-word" was not to play him. In the body of the message simple and concise "If you find this e-mail, F *** YOU!" When you know how people can express their feelings freely. Deleted photos attached to e-mails have been deleted. Perhaps GBB's finger - if you are recovering, and it turned out to be a very recent picture is the middle finger extended. Visual aids always help you to understand the subject, do not you think?

In the end, I think on page 75 of the document is produced. Of course, GBB's characters are included. As expected, not all the opposing lawyer or was a privilege. Can be delivered to my client - edit line numbers - I also produced the judge has allowed all the documents were expecting. Everyone's favorite GBB was generated by the read bit.

Brother evidence and coffee-related e-mails he clearly shows that it has not been damaged - but his original computer - as well as determine the most important data due to the destruction of the court is not very honest. You go to defeat Debbie was happy with her company, GBB was a legend.

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