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Data Backup for Beginners

It is 22:00. Do you know the location of the data?

Data. Word files, documents, photos, MP3 files, HTML, etc. We never sparing in our daily computer millions of chunks of data spread all of our operations on the hard disk information clustered together to make the idea a little bit. Data and operations can be performed.

Of course, until more data are available.

72 hours ago I suffered a huge loss of data. Hackers were rebels. Power and lightning surges. Just wear and tear on my hard disk. 20 gigabytes business and personal information is lost forever. HTML files, all gone book your password. But I did not lose sleep. Why? This is because the backup drive in the secondary hard disk, which is used only All of my important data is safely stored elsewhere.

Picture this scenario. Turn on the computer and do not sit on anything. Dead. You lost everything during the past 12 months I'm trying. All AdWords campaigns, Web site templates, e-book, Excel files. For all. What do you think? You go about your recovery do?

To suffer serious data loss, 70% of companies to move business within 12 months.

The truth is all that most people will recover lost data.

To prevent this day what can I do? Backup.Backup. Backup. Back up your system.

A tteotge do backup my data?

You drive, Zip, CDR / DVD writers, USB drive or secure online storage services are available. You do not use anything at all if you are using one of the above is much better than hoping for the best.

Loss of data, costs of U.S. companies that exceed $ 1.8 billion in 2003.

How often should you back up your data, do you?

You on your PC once a week, at the very least, you should back up all your important data is. The easiest way to do this rotation is to use the backup system. 4 gets a blank disc. These disks week one, week two weeks three weeks four labels. Week of the month to start the process to continue, 2 weeks, 3, 4-2, to create a new copy of all important data on the disk. After you perform this procedure, the stored data will not be less than a month there one week earlier, and the other no matter how far the data stored in the three part make sure that you simply must. Effective.

What software do I need?

Microsoft Windows includes its own backup software. Apple Mac users, Apple's backup software and backup services are available on the iDisk.

How soon do I need to do this?

Right now. Even today, begin the process of backing up your data using a floppy disk. The sooner you start the security of the data.

76% of all data loss is hardware failure, human error accounted for.

Keep a backup of large amounts of data on your hard disk crashes and failed to recover from a major hardware, such as the cost can be reduced.

You work to build your business and are committed to. By not performing the appropriate steps to protect sensitive information Do not dispose of all the efforts.

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