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Desktop Search does have value?

Google Desktop Search, Google's stay ahead of the competition pack announced the march. Google Map Location and Microsoft's MSN nipping on the heels of Google's new shareholders better than all the others, Google, please, as soon as technology has become more than ever, the motivation can be deployed. After all, the desktop load first to get the loyalty of users is likely to build and maintain.

Other types of files on your computer can be retrieved from Google Desktop Search. It is still in beta, and anyone can download. At least Service Pack 3 or Windows 2000 and Windows XP is required. The index is created, so a new document, the system tray icon, a memory-resident program is run.

If you know, for example, Word documents, with a particular word or phrase, but you, you do not remember one easy to find all documents that contain the word computer. Desktop Search, e-mail, text, HTML files, cached web pages and MS Office documents (only Word, Excel, PowerPoint), you can search through.

By way of comparison, surprisingly, Kopernik Kopernik desktop search application called the moment, is not free from competition, is probably more advanced than Google's. For example, the software Google search, but the file formats such as Google Kopernik, as well as performing music and video files and PDF documents can be retrieved. This product can search for e-mail in Outlook or Outlook Express now.

But Google is not included in the calculation. Webmasters know is not wise! They certainly know the product Kopernik In the end, they Beta Desktop Search, MSN is still on. We maintain leadership in the market, but that is, resources, and motivation, all is not extended.

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