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DVD drive, how to solve the problems as soon as

You really need it, or the last day of your DVD drive, DVD movies and want to enjoy the game there is a problem.

Prepare Your DVD drive is likely to leave you in the cold one morning, we not only fail to solve the problem DVD, you can cause problems is dicussabout need to have the procedure.

As all the drives, check twice failed. DVD drive can not read the DVD case, the more you clean the wound drive.Make other DVD does not have to run the DVD.

You Enternal hours drive test drive in an external drive case and years, the solution cool.Here computer to see if there is a regular DVD ventilation to keep computer.Check problem.

DVD drive has no power

Be the first. Then make sure that you play with the radio and power outlet first perform an external drive or another device if you do not have the power of a person unplugged.Rule doegoyi ensure the power cord has occurred.

Second ... To show you a good outlet, but you are still without power, the great surge protector, surge protector to determine verification code signs of damage.

Third. Your surge protector, or power that does not exist to supply power to a particular outlet, which is connected to two test code times.If, the code must be replaced or the drive itself.

Supply.Try drive, internal DVD drive, another connector on the power supply is powered from the connector. A built-in DVD drive is not powered on the drive using a different connector is defective.

The drive has power, but the tray will not open

You open the tray and reboot the computer, and this can cause errors occurred open.Should tray to make sure that the hours open.If failed to open the tray.

Displays the installed hardware bootup.If DVD drive and the drive to register the computer.Some to know the monitor is not recognized by the system BIOS to make sure that while you need to access, in this case, reboot the system.

You can also open the front of the drive tray is very small, you can try to manually eject button is the company to get something open.Use press a hole in the drive.

Shut down the computer, and as a long time in the hole to open the tray and unplug something it.Use. Tray with your finger a few inches can be enjoyed fully open the can open.

The drive is not recognized in Windows

"Removable Storage Device" will be displayed. If you are driving, Computer.Windows XP operating system drive highlighted, click the drive make sure you have the recognition, right-click, select Properties, and properties.Click "This drive is" to ensure that it works properly will be needed.

You drive "because it does not work properly," the other message is displayed, the drive, reboot the computer to update the device driver.If does not exist on my computer you can access the CMOS setup like that.

The drive is not in the CMOS settings present.The drive connected to the DVD drive is not installed correctly, or the cable has become one of the must

Check drive cables and data cables for the drive to verify that the controller is connected to the drive itself is defective, we may be a number that can not be overlooked is the bad fault.And.

Have the power, but, DVD drive will not read

Be the first. Play.If another DVD because you can not try on the new DVD is dirty or scratched DVD to make sure that the operating system recognizes the drive as well, the game fails

My Computer, "This device is working properly" DVD drive.Right and click Properties door present.If emphasize or other message does not appear, click, try to update the device driver.

DVD drive in my computer screen and select the Properties screen, select the device driver, and select Update Driver.

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