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English as a Windows Task Manager

Ctrl + Alt + Del you close your PC crashed programs and processes running on the check that was, is used to verify the performance. His name, you will probably avoid a few processes you do not mean anything for, but it is essential in the window. Svchost.exe definitely like that all the time and the number of times appears. Taskmgr.exe What is it for? Oh, yes, it is the window that you can see it now. ctfmon? Is he related to Pokemon? navapsvc.exe? Navy? Napa Valley? Ship? NOTA (none of the above).

The time spent on tasks, etc. It is not a comprehensive list. It is a standard process of the application process, as well as collectively have. If you want to know about the process, the best place to go is ... Adware and spyware, Trojan horses and viruses such a bad life, thanks to people who have been in the wrong, as the process. Process for a list of the top five security threats site, so be careful.

Also, the bad guys just note the name of the process is used. For example, Rundll.exe the system should not be the end of the process. However, a recent report noted, "This is also in accordance with the operating system and the file path may be a virus, but LOXOSCAM, Windows XP, and 2000 operating systems, this time the virus."

You can download the software that provides detailed information about the process. Task Manager, you know, say anything, how much CPU to use, except for the name of the process. For example, Windows Task Manager, Process Explorer to replace the built-in option is a stand-alone application. It allows you to handle the load and DLL processes have opened or are about performances.


He supported in Acrobat PDF documents are used to print. Convert a document to PDF, it can not be removed in the process.

Active Disk Service is a component of the Iomega Zip drive.

Omega Zip drive.

Related to Symantec's Internet Security Suite. To keep your PC protected.

Also associated with Symantec's Internet Security Suite. To keep your PC protected.

The Csrss.exe
Microsoft client / server system Runtim server subsystem is the main executable for the process. It can not be shut down.

Ctfmon.exe, the
The system process is not important. You in the language of the case, it does not need to use English. However, we recommend that you leave it alone.

In Explorer.exe
This should be always running in the background. It's the desktop, taskbar and Start menu of the Windows graphical user interface to run the shell process.

iexplore.exe, and then,
Internet Explorer browser. The reason you use it will not work in other browsers, the site is not? Use Firefox instead.

Lsass.exe to the
Local security and login policies to handle the Windows Local Security Authority Service is a security-related system processes.

Navapsvc.exe, nvsrvc32.exe and navapw32.exe
This is Symantec's North AnvtiVirus process. They use any virus or program must be running all the time.

RealNetworks Scheduler is not a required course. It checks for updates for your product to RealNetworks. It can safely be disabled.

Run their processes to load the DLL library system.

Nortons anti-virus process. Maintenance

Services.exe of the
Start and stop the boot process, including services required to manage the end. Do not quit.

Smss.exe to the
Integral part of the Windows operating system, the session manager subsystem, the system processes. If you want to kill would be difficult ... Thus, the importance of leaving.

In Spoolsv.exe
Local printer to handle the process Microsoft Printer Spooler service. It is a system file.

Svchost.exe the X 6
Six state of the process than you may be. It is this process several times, the process is executed in a DLL. Leave there.

Information about the files stored in the registry under the local hardware 'HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE' setting. The stability of your PC goodbye kiss kills.

Idele process system
To calculate the amount of the current CPU is used in the application. It will not go away no matter how much. Do not try it, OK?

taskmgr.exe into the

When you Ctrl + Alt + Del appears press

Windows Driver Foundation Manager, Windows Media Player 10 and the latest is a part of. You can not stop the process better.

The Winlogon.exe
Log in Log out handle and process. It is essential.

Big octopus "you run Microsoft Word," he

If you see something on this list, the "bad guy", and do not panic. Svchost.exe is important, but some are good people and bad people. Before you delete it, what do your research. For example, I'm a bad person ADMIN.EXE been reported. However, my program management process is one of ADMIN.EXE even when I close the program went off.

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