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Hard Drive Selection

You can build your own computer, the probably the biggest mistake people check (s) hard disk drive (HDD) is to underestimate the importance of. Your data capacity and how "big" in our modern society, when you move, the bigger, the better, so synonymous looking to buy a hard drive. You can buy it on the hard drive, but when all is considered?

As with all other components of the computer, HDD in the here and now what kind of system is too complicated, detailed, but at the end of this article, you can see when you go you can find to buy a new hard drive please .

Hard drive (in order of importance) are displayed on the side of the fourth:

Average seek time and rotational
The buffer size
Internal / External Transfer Rate

Last rotation big selling point (5400/7200/10000/15000RPM) the number of, so when you go to buy it, HDD rotation of the difficulties so many can not find is the frequency. Soon it to disk (there are other benefits) can be read from, as well as a rapidly rotating, but rotation speed, put more wear and tear on the drive to be aware of, and more likely to occur later in life, failure and malfunction cause almost hard drives (CD-ROM, floppy disk drive and fan can be a part of the moving parts in a computer system to move, but they're cheap if you break them all, you regularly accumulated data on the computer needs to be backed up over the course of ownership you 'do not lose all the data!)

If you have any moving parts, it produces friction, wear, you know, I do not know anything about physics or engineering, fast spinning platters (data retention, and the rotating part) by more than friction wear and tear on the drive means. As well as fast data can be read from the rapidly rotating platters. So what can you do? You have your money as soon as the data and rotary drive (SCSI and Serial ATA device (you ATA (kind of where you live) and on the Serial ATA 7200RPM and 15000RPM can get the device, and some can be backed up well again as)) When you get to purchase will depend on the motherboard. I find the drive more "7200RPM" I think it is important to label!

I read a buffer to temporarily store data written to the hard drive, "buffering" I'm telling you. Too much information, too, and (random search might take a long time) to search to find the time to process the data from the platter of the bus (channel data between the hard drive and the motherboard) the reasons for the convenience of the bus has been requested very fast, in order to store data that can be transferred from the data buffer that is a big chunk of. So, slowly, more and more data bus, a larger buffer for transmission to the outgoing queue can be found without keeping the request for more data on a platter. Some recent large buffer capacity of eight megabytes of righteousness and drive 10,024 megabytes is the more common of the ball. In general, sales offices and printing box / website as the drive, otherwise you 2/4MB used in conjunction with a large amount of buffer can be assumed. My advice to give to you, you may find one.

Now, you need to perform a few searches transfer speed, you have the model number to the manufacturer's website is the best way to go is to find (actually most looking to buy, I will be looking at the specifications ) and now the story is a way to get all the information. You 133 megabytes / s or ATA/133 or SATA150, or 150 megabytes / S, looking out for, you can read these words you are looking for is not a number, the hard drive can be connected to bus technology and theory peak number on the motherboard, you almost do not know anything. If you are buying maekseuteoeul, do not bother looking for the actual transfer rate, but also because it clearly afraid to disclose this information Maxtor. Maxtor drives in terms of technical support, in fact, say, bad, Maxtor has risen to the top, because they are much more important part of the vast quantity of other companies (for example, more than 15% of the desired 10 broken drive hard drive), or Replacing the arrival of death or die within the first few weeks of use. The last two points transfer rate (if you can find them), you always try to choose one you can afford to see the highest number.

The first three to four speed you should be aware of all the relevant part? The speed of the hard drive in order to provide a sense of the importance of your gaming experience, too fast, a huge hard drive because it was done intentionally creatures they are very slow, and you do not need. Your hard drive to speed up substantially more (RAID0 mode) 1 / N times (N = number of attached hard drive) to access the data, sharing of data, such as RAID set is part of the network, a hard drive have a comparison. To do this, you really typically on the motherboard chipset, including the high-end hardware RAID is required.

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