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How to back up your Windows registry

In a nutshell, Windows registry is basically just a huge database of records. This database on the user's computer every single hardware and software configuration and settings are saved. It is the configuration of the hierarchical model and can contain hundreds of thousands of items can be

If you are using the computer for the first time usually does not require Windows registry cleaning can be modified. But hours later, the computer's unnecessary and useless depending on the item may be some registry cleaning to remove the need to perform.

Windows registry, a new hardware and software installed on your computer, usually because of the increase in the size of the program. Even as Flash or QuickTime Windows registry is a simple plug-in for Internet Explorer is recorded.

Removing some of the software, Windows registry does not remove the item from the driver. As a result, they occupy memory space of the computer useless.

Windows registry is sometimes difficult to read and understand, and if you do not know what you are doing, I manually Windows registry contains thousands of items you do not recommend that you can clean.

I can humans do faster than your doctor recommends that you use a registry cleaner can do the same error.

Nevertheless, you manually clean the Windows registry, or whether to use the software before you clean it, you should back up the registry. In fact, you do the same on a regular basis to back up, it's you, it is recommended that you back up the Windows registry.

Windows XP/2000, 'Run' and 'Start' click 'regedit in the "back up the registry, and then press Enter. Open the Windows registry. Then select "File" another window opens, select "Export", click and you can do the following to save the registry to specify the name and location.

The important thing to note here are two. Files of type "registration file (*. Registration) you have your Windows registry as a registry I do not want to save them as TXT files can not be imported is set to check for damage.

Radio button 'All' export range options at the bottom of the window, click the second point. Backs up only files that are part of the whole registry.

It also allow you to another computer or to a diskette or CD, we recommend that you back up the registry file. Sometimes the Windows registry is corrupted, you may not be able to boot into Windows at all is

The Windows registry is one of the most important files on your computer, so you can only back up the registry entries you need to know how to edit or remove what you can copy.

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