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How to buy the perfect student laptop

If you like most students, the money does not exactly grow on trees. Choosing the right laptop to them at the same time to save a lot of heartache and money can be a problem.

In this article, I am a student as well as a notebook for this purpose should have the most important components for the story I'm going to have the most common use.

For most students need a laptop to list the obvious things, things like word processing, e-mail, etc. The reality of today's student for so much more than ever before is to use a computer. The following is a list of average student might look like:

- Word Processing

- E-mail

- Internet

- Music Download

- Possible video editing

- And more ...

If using a laptop, all of the above student who now has the ability to be a part of. You or some of the above might not be necessary, so also will move below.

The five most important for today's students through laptop components Let's move on.

The CPU - ie, CPU, by default, to evaluate a given command. So a faster CPU, faster to execute commands are right? Yes, but with the latest Intel and AMD chips certainly are not required. Depending on the operating system, memory, and you better 1.0GHZ processor, or can be obtained by less. Most of the new system with 2.0GHZ or higher, you have any video editing or faster processor speed, the need to do something if this can work.

Memory - Notebook features a large potential for applications to load faster impact, generally with how fast your computer runs is the amount of memory. For this reason, the most popular computer memory upgrade is one of The new system RAM (memory) will come in at least 256MB, but if you want to use Windows XP, I highly recommend that you get more. While using Windows XP, 256MB of memory, but it can be obtained by running slower.

I have 512 megabytes of RAM, 256 megabytes in the memory stick when replacing - it felt completely new computer. You stick of 256MB is in a very strict budget. You need more, if this passes RAM 512 + MB of RAM or upgrade your notebook to find to get one. Getting a memory upgrade does not actually cost.

Hard drive - you have a lot of music files or videos if your favorite type of student, you will want a bigger hard drive. At least 60 GB hard drive, in this case, to get a complete solution. Every time you download music or low 40 gigabytes or more on a laptop if you do not put large files works well. Most new laptops with at least 40 GB hard drive is available.

CD-RW - This is probably the following student's notebook in hand is one of the most frequently used parts. You download music from the CD if you want to transfer, you will need a CD burner. If you want to burn DVD's go one step further and DVD-RW drive will be able to get. You have this function, you do not need a regular CD or DVD reader drive will work fine.

Internet - almost all students must be connected to the Internet. This wealth of knowledge online, almost every student is now one connection. Almost every time you find a laptop to connect to the Internet in some way, but you want something that works on most campuses. To do this, you have your potential I want to have a laptop wireless internet card.

Okay, that 5 can not be all things to look out for the right part? You are right, in fact, may be very important to some students there are a few things.

Weight - you constantly carrying your laptop around campus, if you will relax your shoulders do not want to do something. If weight is important to you, look for something in the range of 6-7 pounds.

Display - something you do not need a very large case, look for a screen size of around 15 inches. Most people see 12-14 inches of the screen does not provide comfort to accept. Greater than 15-inch screen, as well as a great location to add more weight to the notebook.

Last but not least, before you head out the baby ... Possible outlet. Laptop running on battery forever, and when you really need it, you have your battery is not wise to save power.

Where it is most important to you really need a laptop for taking the time to go and meet this need to find something to save you - organizer.

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