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How to format a hard drive

Here how to format a hard drive (Legal Stuff: We, loss of data, or any kind shall not be liable for damages) ...

If you have a computer, you definitely know what a hard drive. You do not have one, or if you simply do not know what a hard drive on your hard drive then this article will begin with a brief description. Then we will deal with formating the hard drive ...

Step 1: What is a hard disk drive? 

The hard disk drive from the computer hard disk platter, the spindle is a type of storage device that consists of reading, head, arms, electric motors, embedded inside a sealed enclosure with an integrated reading and writing e-writes.

Now you know what a hard drive. Let's stick to the point information on the title of the article to begin with. How to format the hard disk drive ....

Step 2 ...

Format the hard drive if you really want to learn how to first of all, you must be a reason. Formating a hard drive, but does not delete the data permanently, do not forget!

Of course, you want to format your hard drive, I think the data is actually deleted, but it does not.

The fact that you "delete" one is that you can restore the data. You know this can happen because Nonetheless, you format the hard drive should not experiment. Of course, it is also, for example, you want to permanently format the hard drive and you can continue the process of how the data will be deleted as the product is, the software you use will depend on

Step 3 ...

In fact, there is nothing too difficult. You first after formating the hard drive that you want to load an operating system must be determined.

Then MS Dos6.2 or Windows95b or Windows98SE righteousness boot disk for the operating system is the easiest to use. The operating system on the computer to load the boot disk, you will need the proper WINDOWS95/98 other it is loaded by the operating system of the computer to reject the wrong.

Step 4 ...

Then you put the boot disk in the floppy drive, you must start the computer.

If the system to finish booting, and this prompt appears. Press the Enter key / s and: You must enter the type C. The function of the command "C" drive system when it finished copying the files, format the drive is to tell the system to.

"/ S" and "system" is switched on. You use a different drive letter to a different drive can be formatted this way.

Step 5 ...

After that, the following text on the screen will be displayed: "Warning, a hard disk drive C: will be lost in all the data format (Y / N) proceed with!?" If you really want to continue, type [Y], and then press Enter.

Display the percentage of the completed form to the size of the drive and the countdown will be displayed. More than 15 minutes, it may take a few minutes and the drive speed of your computer depends on the size.

FORMAT reaches 100% complete, finished, the new message will be displayed. Transfer systems. This message from the hard drive, the files needed to boot the computer from the floppy disk has been copied to the hard drive is to display.

Now the boot disk in the floppy drive without a computer to boot from the hard drive can be

The last message is displayed on the screen are as follows:? "Volume label (11 characters, if you do not want to enter, ENTER)" one of the key you want to continue or press the Enter key press. And now, the end of your operating system, you can begin to load.

You "out of memory to load system files" error message may appear, remember that. If you receive a message, do not worry. It's just a RAM memory can be accessed in the first 1MG boot and load on your PC is caused by the lack of a memory manager.

You have two options can deal with the situation. The first is when you format the / S switch can be omitted. FORMAT C: you need to enter it, and press Enter. SYS C: When the format is complete, and then manually use this command to add the system files on your hard drive and press Enter again.

The second solution to overcome this problem is to load the memory manager. If you have any you easily on the Internet, but one of the sites you can download one from.

6 Steps ...

You format a hard drive, we finally reached the end of how to see. As a result - the end of this article. Now, you certainly know how to format a hard drive is. You to format your hard drive if you are not severely affected, once again, do not play with the command.

To restore the data on your computer, even if you can do something. That is why, you have to be careful! And now, good luck!...

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