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I got it! Computer technology will catch the bad guys

Life on the offender, thanks to some new digital technologies are getting a little more difficult. For example, researchers in the UK at the scene of the crime at common 4-20 minutes fingerprint fingerprint compression technology transfer printing station has developed. Researchers such as scene - criminal procedure, taken from the current manual techniques to identify the shoe impression is working.

Richmond, Virginia, the police respond more quickly to a crime, and crime is likely to occur in order to prevent future data mining, predictive analytics and business intelligence tools are introduced. LAPD Police crime infested area to get a bird's eye view of activity in the video surveillance and crime-recognition software is being used.


Various techniques somewhat controversial, but highly acclaimed CompStat has gained a reputation as a. To quickly gather information and criminal law enforcement agencies in the organization CompStat assists. This, in turn, officials to identify new patterns of criminal activity, and law enforcement agencies deploy resources more efficiently can be According to the proponents to describe this technology "to prevent future crime advanced statistical analysis of the crime."

This award-winning program has reduced crime by increasing police are responsible. LYPD as NYPD and various law enforcement agencies across the United States, crime prevention strategies, analyze data, and plan to use this program. This program is definitely in the hands of former Mayor Rudy Giuliani in New York City to enjoy a well-documented crime reduction has played an important role in the.

Old as

Sometimes fights crime utilizing the power of technology as a new and creative way is to use old technology. For example, in late 2006, in New York City that is sent from a mobile phone and a computer to receive digital images and digital video equipment, 911 call center announced plans to. Citizens to report crimes in progress, they at the same time the scene, the perpetrator or the victim can send photos or videos.

Digital images with a better understanding of the situation, emergency responders and law enforcement teams, providing information that is not provided by the caller panic is likely to provide. Therefore, better incident response team, the preferred method of treatment can be accessed. In this way, using everyday technology empowers citizens, according to Mayor Michael Bloomberg, is a world first.

In a similar vein, New York City, specializing in MapInfo mapping software applications to fight against domestic violence in the part. Law enforcement personnel, this tool better visualize the relationships between data and geography can.

The city is also mapped and analyzed the data and add the database records the geographical coordinates eseoui MapInfo Map Builder tool is used. He is a spokesman for the city on the map of the city to show patterns and trends in data, and then overlay roadmap, English proficiency, and murder rates in MapInfo - including the city-based, guitar, and reported that income.

The information generated by these tools to determine how to allocate resources to support the city. In addition, most areas in the region's cultural make-up and shows information about the language. Victims of domestic violence victims live in the languages ​​they speak better communication allows law enforcement officers to know where.

Actual success

These and other forensic techniques translate into a real success story 20 years ago, we can not imagine our lives affected by the way. For example, in March in San Jose, a man driving a stolen Toyota kidnap a 12-year-old girl. The girl escaped and reported the incident to the police. Toyota hijackers gave up. A few hours later, the patrol car number plate recognition technology has passed the Toyota. "Stolen Car" technology, a computer-generated voice said. Police led to the arrest of the kidnappers have found evidence of Toyota.

Europe and the United Kingdom more than 20 years, using license plate recognition technology, but it is relatively new in the United States in the field. The police manual on your computer, you can enter the license plate, but the technology to deliver all they can scan the license plate of the vehicle. The officer can now be done manually instead of 50, 12,000 plates per shift many can be found. Technology privacy watchdog raised concerns about, but in this example, any privacy violations occur is difficult to argue that.

Another interesting and recent development in Thailand remain at the scene of the crime, the researchers easily invisible traces of body fluids, trace a set of glasses used nanotechnology to develop. Scientists indium nanocrystals in glass or plastic lens was applied to osynitride. These special lenses filter out different wavelengths of light and the length of your saliva, semen, blood, lymph immediately can see traces of the invisible.

Current technology Forensic Light Source - The investigators can not be seen with the naked eye can see traces. However, the forensic team for each type of fluid and should be independently verified because it is awkward and time-consuming process. Once the patent and commercialize new technologies, will accelerate this process dramatically.

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