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Improve awareness of computer forensics services

On the part of the government to spread awareness about computer crime situation gamanhalneun mass scale, but did not try a few. It's just the perception of computer crime and computer forensics will be able to spread the awareness is increased. Ignorance waste - should be a two-pronged attempt to clear misunderstandings can be Some even listed in the offense is not used to talking to people who do not know what. They are working in computer forensics expert witness samcheo rum deal with their customers and to get an idea of ​​what to do much better deal. Online crime in the UK for the past three years repeatedly shaken, but most home users do not update their anti-virus. Very few companies have security measures in place a comprehensive and powerful application of the lack of data protection laws, perhaps he and unusually import a lot of pain from the client.

Government enterprises

Government in dealing with computer crime is a list of problems:

Police: home, office, according to the first process all computer crime, must be submitted to the local police or appropriate higher authority to pass.
SOCA: Serious and Organised Crime wing before the agency's Computer Crime Survey, National Hi-Tech Crime Unit (NHTCU) is the current organization.
CEOP: Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre Children's Online child sexual exploitation and capture efforts to spread awareness. They even have an offline campaign.
CESG: Communications Electronics Security Group IT and the British government, including military communications, are responsible for safety.
NISCC: risk reduction and safety information between government departments for the National Infrastructure Security Coordination Center shares are available.
Other: home office computer crime policy, public awareness campaigns, information assurance team that can run the game DTI survey, the center for information on safe online cabinet has a sponsor, IT is safe.

Computer forensics and corporate house - advantages and disadvantages
Too much body Gallo, how many computer crimes are reported each year in the company's home that? Unfortunately, until now, we can see the end of the iceberg bulgwaeul. Most of the initial public opposition, media releases, client distribution and a good group of scared to see the comments as part of the fear of competition. Just criminal, justice move very quickly on the Internet, the client quickly than expected, the company can be found on failure. This happened a couple of days, to learn from their own stupidity as expected, all the other companies in the recent past is a huge problem. They request a data recovery specialist agency concerned in the hands of the security problem to rescue their data so forensic experts give almost the same reason this comes. I select a reliable company and a large amount of data in a separate action sufficient to pay them every second getting cold damage location and signs is one hour. Many other dangerous people, and they can not find a way to do it's work is to find an appropriate research project shall be the duty of the House to hire.

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