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In a significant loss of data from your computer's hard drive deal

Data loss is an expensive reality. It is recognized by the user as difficult is the fact that frequently occur. A recent study by accounting firm McGladrey and Pullen in one of the 500 data centers will experience a disaster myeongyiyi serious computer this year is estimated to be. As a result, almost half of these companies is a business moving. At least, loss of data, loss of income, and disaster can mean missed business opportunities.

Another aspect of data loss, IT managers and business owners can cause psychological and emotional is confusing. Despair, fear, and the entire organization may be at risk include the knowledge. Of human error, loss of data, because it is one of the largest in the sense that two factors, that is, is only fair. With a mechanical failure, almost 75 per cent of all cases are. (Software corruption, computer viruses, such as fire and water damage and make sure the rest of physical disaster.)

Disk drives are now generally reliable. Humans, it turns out, no. 2000 Strategy Research Corporation study performed on approximately 15 percent of all unplanned downtime is caused by human errors appear to be Problems with your back, or you do not have a backup at one, failed to implement proper backup procedures, because a large portion of the rose.

These risks - and their companies - how skilled, high-level user of the system to put their occur?
Settled before a system failure in most cases, the problem is you actually do not match the requirements of your organization for the out-of-the-box solution when placing their faith, that is, long to start. Instead, go to the appropriate design solution, then their evaluation of business and technical requirements, and even professionals are often in a large enterprise to sell to buy simply because they experienced IT. In this case, the technology is not faith in the virtue can be a vice president.

However, sometimes the technology itself, human intervention may be the straw breaks the back. Venezuelan civil office of the company is devastated by the flood, when the owner of it in a plastic bag for us three wet mud-coated disks in a RAID array with 17 spent. Salvage work as hard drive before you send someone a freeze was more complicated by the fact that. Disks thawed, yet more damage was done. (Hard work directory to the directory in which to recover after eight weeks, and the remaining five were found, all of the data on the disk.)

Sometimes, the root cause of data loss event is simply shoddy housekeeping is Harder than necessary backup routine, it is less likely to be performed on a regular basis. State ambulance monitoring system, automated backups did not run found that fourteen months, and suffered a serious disk errors. Stuck in the tape drive, but no one had noticed.

When the disaster, the normal human reaction is panic. Loss of data, an important result because it means the most competent IT staff jump to conclusions, and inappropriate action can be taken. Decision at a critical time in a series of blank screen before the error naive synthesis can occur to each one. Pressed the wrong button, and disaster worse. Sometimes the pressure to quickly resolve system errors and attempt to reconfigure the entire RAID array can be IT professionals typically treated as a crisis mode or data recovery skills are not. In order to extend the life of a good doctor as it is trained, skilled IT professionals are trained in the system continues to run. When a patient dies, the physician to manage the situation, such as a nurse or therapist will turn into a different person. If there is a loss of critical data, IT professionals will turn to a data recovery specialist.

Data recovery specialists are innovative problem solvers. Often, the basic common sense application to apply one without the other is in a state, the data is the start of a journey towards recovery. Data recovery experts "never say die" attitude and married a rich experience, and problem-solving process draws on a comprehensive tool kit. A combination of innovative logistics hinge successful recovery results, problem solving, and "screening technology," as soon as the affected system stability analysis and the course of treatment for his wounds and prepared for surgery was applied. First, the file selection process or business need features that are absolutely essential to set priorities and targets, the file may be desirable less structured format (for example, text-only) can be recovered in a set period of time whether is important.
The art and science of professional data recovery success or failure of a business can spell the difference. The level of intervention required before, but the user to minimize the possibility of data loss disaster can take action.
On the basis of any business technology plan is a regular fire drill procedures. This may be a backup routine in place, the employee specific roles, you can configure the hardware and software can be assigned to - but all the users are not completely sure that it works as expected, the data loss is inevitable event . In place appropriate, testing, and it is important that the current backup. Hardware failures can not be synthesized by human error - failure if the drive is important, it is the task of processing data recovery specialists have to go to.
Data loss disasters and human error, mechanical failure as due to a combination of, too, the creation of a technology data recovery solution lies in marriage and human. The basic philosophy of successful data recovery technology to be used by humans, but that is what we use.

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