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Introduction To ISDN, Part II

In the previous ISDN article, how and why one router dials another using ISDN, the top of which we To maintain a dial-up connection is just as important to know one.

Why? ISDN calls between two routers and the same role, in this way, the customer is charged for. Now we have a long distance phone call to talk about, so that may be another area code is connected to two routers.

Someone theory you can last for days or weeks before the connection, if you are going to realize there is no reason to release the ISDN connection. In general, if you are using Frame Relay, ISDN connection, as in the case of a backup, especially because other connection types. Frame Relay, ISDN connections look back, go back all the time for frame relay links are not allowed.

To understand why, you keep an ISDN connection, it does not need a reason to keep the time, we need to understand. Cisco's ISDN Interface ISDN link time-out in order to determine when to use the atmosphere must be destroyed. By default, this value is 2 minutes also uses the concept of interesting traffic.

By default, all traffic is one of the interesting traffic that can pass through this link, it provides links. However, the interesting traffic resets the idle timeout. The timer hits zero link connecting two minutes down the idle traffic comes more interesting. Does not intersect

ISDN links RIP version 2, EIGRP, rainga explicitly define interesting traffic running through a list of access protocols, multicast addresses when routing updates in the most effective way to prevent routing updates, maintenance is prohibited. They do not completely prevent crossing links, or protocol obviously does not work properly.

OSPF and Cisco's IP OSPF demand circuit interface-level command. OSPF injeopneun formed through the ISDN link, but one does not display the hello packets, formed. However, this loss is not contiguous. Injeopwa next table injeopneun IP OSPF Hellos more links, the rest is transmitted through the whole appears to display the test. ISDN connections can be deleted without loss of adjacent. Go injeopreul general steps needed to form a link, still injeopneun OSPF areas can be sent without waiting for the data.

OSPF Commands Cisco certification candidates at all levels this is very important, but, CCNA candidate is particularly important. I also know the command to keep the key command is used to add injeopneun hangayi Hi, Cisco toolkit suppression.

ISDN for Cisco Discovery packet to one of the myths is to keep the ISDN connection. CDP is running between directly connected Cisco devices, the Cisco-only protocol. Make a BRI interface, you really need to avoid if you are not connected to the accommodation or need to disable CDP paekitga is a school of thought. In the laboratory and in the field, I've never seen the CDP Ramps had to get the ISDN and ISDN. Their practice is dedicated to see it on the shelf!


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