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iPod users get the picture

IPod users start to get the picture turned out to be fun and colorful! 

The latest generation of high-tech gadget users with the Apple iPod Photo begin to market its latest embezzlement started to use the convergence of different media is watching. But not all of the music you listen to on the move or the configuration of your business and social life, but now I can see the entire photo collection is also hand. Latest color screen slide show set to music on your iPod a favorite toy can be set. Playing at the beach with friends, or TV connected to the clock, and goes away.

His on the soundtrack of your holiday photos to see where you can put the imagination, it is possible to perform well then, 60GB version you can save 25,000 photos. You if you want to mix up the music, of course, depending on storage, but Apple still Slideshow 5 hours, up to 15 hours to get iPod music to a new generation of longer lasting battery and can be shared.

Apple Mac all your photos and music and automatically using automatic synchronization to synchronize with a PC can be used. [Http://] visitors to purchase these items around the latest iPod and many features will be informed of the best deals. You iPods on their website for a full range of products to hundreds of online transactions can be accessed.

Latest iPod with the addition of their latest visual once again is set to rock the market. The only problem .... Where all conditions up to the end of fuse? Soon, these multi-function digital device with the prospect of watching TV or video, you can move into the area of ​​communication. Perhaps our phones our MP3, video and 5-megapixel still camera will be the definition. Who knows? However, once again, for the time being Apple hard drive, portable multi-media gadget has moved ahead in the race.

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