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Laptop computers and PVP effect!

Roll over lumbering desktop computers, laptops flexible here, and here to stay! Laptop computer sales for a while now easily won the gold medal at the Olympics, their aging desktop PC siblings surpassed. We PVP effect on the increase in the popularity of laptop computers have contributed greatly to explain how.

(P) Portability:

First to state the obvious, but they can take anywhere because people can buy a laptop. Office workers trapped in his cubicle claustrophophic is no longer needed. Instead, these statistical charts and data reports from the comfort of your armchair, compiled from the train, or the beach can! Flexibility and the same cell, but sadly this is not always the case. Today's ultra-portable notebook computers in the late 70s and early 80s the volume of the sewing machine has come along way since the size of the machine. In fact, one of the first portable computers made by IBM, this system (IBM 5100) weighs in at 50 pounds was heavy! Of course, they concentrated dose of steroids :) do not expose yourself to today's meeting at the meeting hall warriors dragged the dog will have a problem

(V) values:

Mentioned in the 70's IBM 5100 is a huge set you back $ 20,000. Today, the upper end of the range IBM ThinkPad can be purchased for approximately $ 3,000. Cheap used or refurbished ThinkPad models often do not care to buy, especially the well can be obtained from one thousand U.S. dollars.

(P) Performance:

Most laptops today provides superior performance and improved battery life are equipped with Centrino processor. What is Centrino I hear you ask? So the Pentium M processor, the 855 chipset and Intel PRO / Wireless 2100 wireless 802.11 network interface combines technologies for their new laptop is Intel's name. Because the processor uses a laptop equipped with small parts generally light.

Wireless networking technologies and the couple is a powerful technology, attractive features and you have a package. Wi-Fi (a) a "wireless fidelity" is an acronym, it's the use of home users, office workers, even among coffee shops is growing rapidly. You properly if you enter an area with Wi-Fi laptop, you can access the Internet at broadband speed.

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