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Learning to navigate the online documentation from Cisco

Your Cisco CCNA, CCNP, or CCIE exam to study, you control a powerful online tool has been found. This found on the Cisco Connection Documentation, it is. This site products, codes, and all Cisco products for the protocol document contains.

Their more advanced exams for studying even many exam candidates really powerful tool using do not start. However, this CCNAs, CCNPs, and around the site of their way to find these certificates for the candidates is required. The Cisco really about the exam to ask have default values ​​to find the hand comes in, and protocol documents with you with studying there can help there.

Site newcomers a little overwhelming Maybe, but it's actually navigate to is easy. The site's homepage, your products and several drop-down menu, a list with the offer. To start, I tell you the top right drop-down menu in the Cisco IOS software selection, and a code version of electing recommend. 12.2 to begin with a good one. From there, IOS Release 12.2 Configuration Guides and Command References select.

Then technology a list presented with, and each configuration guide and command reference are. If this is your point (such as OSPF, RIP, and EIGRP AS), select-IP Configuration Guide and the IP routing protocols -. The interior gateway protocol studying the

After that you RIP, IGRP, OSPF, EIGRP, ISIS, and BGP to configure how the documents Cisco's. The documents read is priceless. Many study guides the protocol Overview for details now. These documents do not. Documents how and when the protocol any command to use displays. Each command to use when real-world examples and notes too. Online Cisco documents read when I always learn something new is.

Then out back and Command Reference for the same measures can go through. Cisco exams to study for, this section immediately to a command syntax or default values ​​regarding any questions will answer. Instead of a value, see the book, try to remember, just this site, zoom out and in seconds your answer will be. Command of Use real-world examples as well as popular.

With some as much available online Cisco documentation use, you better it gets. Various Cisco switches for Configuration Guide switch you how to work a big picture. In most of these switches' configuration guides at least one study recommend.

Online Cisco documentation gives you a test value plus, it's a worthwhile objective functions. Longer you use it, the day you need a job when you with him to get more comfortable, the better you are with her will. And trust me - that day will come!

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