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New and Emerging , IT Certifications -- Portfolio 2013

Technology is a constantly changing field, and quickly to keep itself up-to-date development of the modern era meet the needs of the younger generation can IT expertise, credentials, and a variety of measurement in the field of IT professionals by hiring managers in all organizations must display Cloud-based computing for IT, networking and virtual environment and wireless technologies, mobile application development, information security begins. As a result, IT professionals everywhere, even the entry-level professionals to achieve a set of technologies in this field in order to keep abreast of changing trends three veterans are in their toes.

The introduction of the latest IT certification speaks volumes for the next hiring manager. In addition, for employers to make sure it is your ability to show how eager you are ready to work beyond your comfort to get you can hone your skills.

We have some IT training and certification trends and hot this season, let's explore two of the reasons to sell the technology are:

1. Big data (Big Data) - Business industry professionals focusing on big data, therefore their data to ensure that the work is ready to handle the infrastructure. Big Data on a collision course for today's data centers, it has been found. Needed to load the data analysis and processing, and an open-source platform is the need to increase. In addition, to ease the learning curve, as well as people open platform providers can play an important role.

Two. Wireless Networking - video and multimedia distribution, and in particular the demand for handheld and mobile devices, the wireless technology is constantly growing and evolving. There are several channels that are available. However, the network is used, it is necessary to understand how. The need for wireless management capabilities to the user can see a wireless connection to the underlying infrastructure that continues to grow today.

Communications networks in the world, the most established form of CCNA Wireless certification by one of the IT certification is considered authenticated. Revolutionary era in the form of wireless technology and changes in the structure is evaluated and the effective demand and technological development, and technical support specialist is recommended. Cisco Certified Network Associate Wireless - IT configuration, security, and specialized equipment and expertise to implement the basic information and wireless Cisco CCNA Wireless training program network.

Three. Virtualization - the move towards virtualization technology because their underlying computing platform, it is a company that has a huge advantage fast. VM Ware virtualization to the IT industry, others prefer more unique, so is the leader in VM ware certification holders. IT vCenter VM to the server wear networking, ESXi hosts, installation, configuration, security, and high availability, and other aspects, VM Ware VCP 5.1 training equipment and using the same technology professionals.

Four. Cyber ​​Security - Today's business structure, day trading scenarios, accidents and loss of self-confidence at the same time, a significant financial loss to the company, top, 24/7, which means that you must run. Therefore, a proper IT certification companies and information security professionals looking for a company that can not afford to. Information security training and certification often require security systems and processes, and understand the process designer and security applications, and developers can build a network engineer - who is for you.

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