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Now you see it, now what not to do: Anti-theft laptop computer

Irwin Jacobs, Qualcomm's CEO and founder, Journalism September 2000 meeting if their laptop is stolen, it shed light on a growing problem.

Laptop security for the country's two other recent events have focused attention, please consider the following:

Federal Bureau of Investigation in the July 2001 O 184 laptop that has been stolen or reported lost. Confidential information, such as at least one of several possibilities is included.

1997 205 laptop in most of the UK Ministry of Defence, including the classification of O is the rate in April 2001 was missing.

O 2000 년 February "secret" information and a laptop computer disappeared from the U.S. Department of State. Then, in May 2000 two more laptops were reported missing from the U.S. Department of State.

Technology, storage and transport laptops, more easily, it is also a little easier to conceal while stealing. Made more convenience to the vehicle of choice for business people with laptop computers popular in the world.

. Valuable assets to protect the computer itself, but can be replaced, but in most cases, replace or damage the information stored is not a value than the competition. This line is a laptop that you can get the best of the theft of thousands of dollars, but he can get much more for the company's marketing plan.

High-risk areas

A high percentage of laptops are stolen from the office. Many FBI officials, inside the building is expected to be 75% of stolen laptops, committed individuals are estimated. For example, the staff, the delivery people at all levels and have a chance to steal your laptop, so that does not protect the land and buildings are accessible.

If the Canadian government arrested several weeks 20-30 expected stolen laptop in an office building for the person. Maintenance workers entered the building dressed suspect to exit the building load and turn on the computer. He frequently perform routine staff he actually think that part of the building maintenance staff.

According to a USA Today article, the airport lost at checkpoints as a result of the high growth of laptop Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, airport security has occurred. . His laptop, X-ray machines, the problem is to remove the passenger, you need to put new procedures derived. Choose a mistake or a stranger they do not forget to carrying a laptop. It is more of a problem for travelers of their valuables may be to remove the search of his cane on the conveyor belt is elected a long time.

In addition to his laptop, business travelers, care must be taken in the following locations:

* Hotel

* Train

* Bus Terminal

* Car rental agencies

* Conference Center


* Toilet

* Public phone

Laptop theft at any time, where memories can be

Laptop Theft Prevention Tips


Notebook stomach O. Designed for carrying a laptop computer over, you can alert the laptop thief. Bags, bags and notebooks to perform at the intersection inconspicuous bag.

O, notebook to record the serial number and model information. Your purse or wallet the police, so easy to maintain jeongboyi information than is available to a computer is stolen.

O, do not leave the laptop in a public place.

Computer on a desk or table using a cable lock that secures the computer O

Select O Do not place the computer in a bag.

Your laptop in the car before arriving at the final destination to maintain O will be kept in the trunk of the vehicle.

Carrying case and to identify the O in some special way to stand out from other bags. Unusual color, colored tape or yarn and bags to find a bag to the police immediately stop providing the carrier will ask you to help the cause of a very large and bright colored tags attached.

O To avoid mix-ups in front of the laptop confetti or X-ray machine by mistake when recording with a good idea to place a big mark-up.

If your computer is stolen on a regular basis, the backup information is stored separately from O.


All laptop permanently marked, or they are appropriate for the display of the previous location, O. list, or the serial number engraved on the need to be able to restore if found by the police, and the marking quality assurance standards, please contact the manufacturer.

Five kinds of laptop action plan to keep the stock.

Ø All the documents shall be maintained for a laptop. Specified date inventory and equipment to record the model and serial number of the laptop and other equipment that is responsible for the staff, including the type of identifier can be

Some companies electronic asset tracking technology, O is used. Small electronic transponder tag and an employer can be added to the notebook. Computer systems and staff time, date, and end with a record of the building is located. On some systems, the security personnel can provide the equipment ID.

Where the notebook is stored If you do not specify a realm O access should be limited to a select few people.

Limited access to high-traffic areas away from the storage area shall be located in O.

Utilizing the same employee organization in O access must be controlled on a laptop. This is also done through the use of ID card systems can be

O, IT has established a policy for the loss of the laptop companies that do not comply with the policy-makers responsible for the protection of some companies. And that can be passed to the signing of a written policy statement approved.

Employer-employee staff will take care of better, their reasoning is well known that the laptop was purchased.

Loss prevention and security awareness training and O. E-mail, brown bag luncheons, new employee orientation and awareness literature / posters and video presentations to provide staff with all the words provide a good vehicle.

Such as desks and storage, and security staff on his notebook closet, cabinet lock to lock the workstation, O. Provide adequate security

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