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Password, and the Human Factor

Passwords have a strange dual nature. It is a powerful password protection of human weakness is likely to be compromised by.

It is widely used for access control, password is the most common method is known. It is common knowledge that the system password is the easiest way may be damaged. Password has two primary functions. First, they allow for initial entry to the system. Then, after the approach, they are given different levels of information. Trade secrets and patent applications may be limited public data array.

Lower case letters, numbers and symbols with a combination of long and complex passwords are the best. These types of people are using hand held devices tend to store about, thus destroying the integrity of the password is written.

Password can bypass the integrity of the "human engineering." They are harmless to people involuntarily grave error of judgment can be seen as a situation in which you can help. For example, if you forget the password, if the system is shared with employees may be damaged. More ominous, the scammers or hackers to introduce ourselves as a senior executive desk staff can get the password to help can call the suspect employees. It is also urgent or staff people for the job, even if there is no threat, the password supplied by the father of the caller is to be fooled by the claim that.

Education and human solid guidance and procedures provided in the course of these situations can be resolved by the written policy. Cryptographic protocols, such as information security training to all employees of the company should be required. Training, and security policy management is an important feature in the success of the company. Work, education, and corporate policies must be repeated with a quarterly review. There may also, during the logon banner with a password for security warnings appear frequently

Management, as well as a security measure to create and apply policies, they also have to provide an explanation must support Written policies, as well as the IT department, human resources, legal department should be developed with the support of. Written policy should be part of the introduction of the company's employees, and at least twice a year should be considered. In addition, employees receive a reading and understanding its contents do so at your own risk and ignore the company and this is important to indicate that in practice sign documents.

Enforcement agencies are important partners in education. Policy statement does not apply to much more than not bad at all. In fact, in many cases, haphazard enforcement or lack of enforcement of the company's liability may increase. Policy "teeth" must have to resolve. It is one of the events and what should be the scope of the impact event is a number or notoriety. All the way to the end in a verbal warning will vary.

In summary, by recognizing the human factor can be kept more secure password. Management strategies, as well as through communication and education, history, policies, and procedures applicable to the company's information assets, they are more efficiently with their customers and partners can not control is much safer to be maintained.

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