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Power supply problems Learn how to diagnose

The power supply current into a routine low DC voltage used by the computer to convert your home. Components are easily solved if you fail damage.Double first.Inspect computer.Remember all activities carried out with all the connections from the power supply does not verify.

You can trust PC.Don 'T is needed to determine the power supply, and two business people can be a life saver on how to replace the simple pleasure for more information on that computer, or PC, and light need it will work well.

We recently culprit.Things itself.And you a bad power supply, continue to do so when you reboot is 10 times or you will die on the power supply until we find, as within an hour of our Set on one of the computers then.

No power to the computer

Connected through a surge protector on your computer for the first time here, such as the need for Present.If power outlet that can be connected to another device, such as a radio or lamp power supply, as well as to make sure it's OK.

: Wall, PC moved, making its way to make sure to use a multi-system unit.Do output power of the power cable to the AC voltage

If you have the power, the power supply in your PC power supply to the motherboard to open and check:

Graphite multimeter's input if you must have a good ground using a multimeter to check the voltage is.

Re-boot issues

The main problem facing the information you supply the power to the computer without having to reboot the sick one, seems to happen at the worst possible time to warning.All is that you can not lose.

This boot is another indicator of component failure if the progression of the computer first starts blinking.

Power distribution problems

The power supply and the hard drive begins to fail to get the power to the device and not be one of another.For Jesus, but the CD-ROM drive if you do not have nothing to do.

Power supply or motherboard itself.Follow intermittent power to make the drive a few issues, proceed to the next step for another cause of headaches is to reboot.

Check the power supply

The wall outlet and the power cord is connected to the motherboard, the power supply itself, you can test multi-meter bad.If the output of the power supply to buy secure.Then to face the fact that you can check good, new pre one.Simply, perform the following steps:

Turn off the power to the PC, but do not remove it, open the system unit. 12 through the hard drive or CD-ROM drive connector and a power connector similair set you can read DC volts in the range of the multi-meter when you turn on the PC does not use volts.Locate.

You can insert the probe into the power connector on one of the probes BLACK wires.Touch RED BLACK well.Turn yellow line on your PC you can also drive to the connector and the power connector can be removed.

+12 Volt multimeter measurement, touch probe, now RED RED wire and the reading level does not occur, or have other, more Agay +5 volts.If read, you just need to replace the power level you supply.If P8 or P9 connectors on the motherboard should be verified. To check the connector and the connector P4 P5.To ... The name can be

P8 probe is inserted into one of the two black lines. P8 connector on the red wire to the red probe is inserted. Meter readings should be +5 volts

Insert the YELLOW wire going to the motherboard in the RED probe into P8, the black wire to the black wire on the power connection and +12 volts.Leave P8 connector.Check BLUE wire and the reading when you touch the check should be haeyayi -12 volts.

Now, the black wire and the black probe to the movement of the RED probe P9 connector.Test WHITE wire by inserting P9 each connection requires +5 volts, -5 volts.Check RED wire, wire.You red reads exactly 5 or 12, but Bolts that are not very close to the measured value is 5.02 volts.

The power supply is turned off in either direction, the red line should read -5 vaults and the value of the couple, but you replace the -12 volt power supply if you do not need to read.

Comfortable.Be tests.DO all electrical static build high-voltage performance does not remove the power supply from the system unit case, if you do not feel well to remove clothes and before touching anything inside any part of the body because the test system does not There may be several reasons, do not open the power supply case unit.And.

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