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Select the database, Microsoft Navision: C / SIDE or MS SQL Server - IT professionals OVERVIEW

In both cases, the specific advantages and disadvantages, and you depend on your company's needs must. You this, we give some hints on the subject where you then must know how to find out more.

C / SIDE database legendary strength - my vision with the history of design has its own database revealed the primary objective provides embedded database transaction integrity. So far, the database is proprietary - My vision is to provide applications to manipulate and it can be adjusted. You use the system heavily and suddenly you can end the power - when power is restored - Navision will be in the same good shop. The second goal is to provide a powerful graphical interface was.

What is the volume of data? - Navision original medium and large companies were included in the study. But now, Microsoft is a sophisticated manufacturing and large companies are trying to target. In this case, you can expect huge volumes of data - Microsoft SQL Server is better placed to handle that.

MS SQL Server Manager, you do? - MS SQL Server, Microsoft "zero maintenance is required, go to" announce, but we want to warn you - if you if you use my vision - the more you will be in a medium-sized or large company. In this case, the person must protect the database - if you want to deploy MSSQL Server

Crystal Reports you plan for this? - SQL views and stored procedures, SQL Server preferable platform, which Crystal Reports you always for your C / SIDE database that you can use C / ODBC to distribute, but, MS SQL Server is a nice feature to have

You OLAP / ● Do you need a data warehouse? - The following SQL Server is the way to go. It OLAP cube creation and Excel data pivoting and analysis is built on the server

My vision of the other applications you want to expose the data plan? - My Vision C / SIDE database (C / ODBC, C / FRONT) with data from the exposure, but a tool, SQL Server's case, you definitely your standard Microsoft technology at the disposal.

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