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Size is really important in our digital age?

Well, we've seen all the ads, but it's just to get your head, and I did not want to talk about. This figure - no, the "Queen of the art" in the phone Let's think about a lot.

You roam around a huge art gallery tintoreto, Rafael, security, or which did not respect the master painter huge campaign productions? Again, we kameohgwa good example of the model has a lot of beautiful work. In fact, the creative genius of all sizes between the two extremes of the proof can be found in this period.

However, the correlation between the size and the creative genius is obviously a good thing obviously. The premise of the work is not an important factor in the size of a mere "Never mind the quality feel the width." Yeah, we by the sheer scale of the picture, for example, attracted to the Sistine Chapel, but the eyes of a genius painter. However, much of the core content of rights tug of gold by the artist to work in our hearts is also true.

In the same way, large and medium format cameras traditionally have been working tool was a professional photographer for many years. In a previous article, I especially large users, you can always be provided with a lot of movies.

In digital parlance, is represented by the size of the file in the form we now clearly more abundant detail the core of the problem is that to get. If you can not change the physical dimensions recorded media committed to work, unlike movies, or actually is the size of the canvas, digital files are not too restrictive.

JPEG Lossless conversion loss of the use of the image does not add anything to the image size and image compression so to speak, but, in general, the quality of the original, etc. If you change the time, of course, is just what it is to maintain.

However, it's completely in Photoshop Plugin 6.0 or later, this "genuine shape" and the caller, "Do not change the picture" image manipulation software comes with an innovative product which claims gwara

"It's a photographer, graphic artist, and you do not compromise the quality of the image quality can create an image file of any size from an independent professional digital imaging an essential tool for solving the original shape can be printed to enlarge "

70 megabytes lossless files you stored the package on the very small station and digital image files can be generated. And save the file to a specified size to create a genuine fractal fun, Photoshop re-open the file in the backup will be easier

I am a software digital photographers and Medium / Large experts began to wonder what the impact is stunning. Already mentioned, of course, is to increase the size of the additional information is not entered in total. In addition, many authors to improve the quality of the image presented to the library do not continue to make sokneunreul 67 35mm slides.

By strengthening its shape to enlarge the size of the file using the digital photographer before printing, you can get more benefits. Your wedding photos with a digital camera can be very useful for convenience, but often requests an extension of the complaints about the quality of the pictures had Backup camera, time, effort, and money that can be saved by eliminating the need for the appearance of the film using the original.

On the other hand, you sound genuine, remove the film by a shape with a picture taken after the search because it does not extend the original image, the best results would be the more obvious fact that you can create. Shooting a movie shot 10 mega pixel digital kamerayi Range expansion means more than likely take a fare +

The new version 3.5 has been released just a real shape, it may be worth testing, so it can be a worthwhile investment. You ileoyi his review copy of the software to get excited Oct. 23, 2004 in accordance with an amateur photographer, if you want to explore a little more.

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