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Software Testing and its features

Software testing, accuracy, computer, software, security and development are used to recognize the completion of the technical quality of the process. Software testing, the quality of the products that are running in order to display the information to test. Software testing is an important part of the software quality assurance.

Tester functionality, reliability, efficiency, portability, maintenance, compatibility, and general quality attributes can determine the usefulness of the product. Community, as well as information about the error to display a new and exciting project is a good test. Software development process in a hierarchy of software testing, the product is of high quality, an important strategic role. Highlight the product life cycle, as well as the requirements of the customer all the way.

An important feature of the test for the purpose of software testing up to get products to customers, negative testing, customer scenario testing, stress testing, performance testing, scalability testing, international testing and related testing software testing process may be, you are guaranteed.

Black box testing, white box testing, incremental integration testing, functional testing product testing, test engineers test considers some of the most common types of

System testing, end-to-end test, mental testing or smoke testing, regression testing,
Testing, acceptance testing, performance testing, usability testing, testing, recovery testing, recovery testing, security testing, navigation testing, junggieul to pass the test to remove these variations.

All projects benefit from the test, but some projects typically do not require independent test staff. Requirements and project risk, development methodology, technology, experience, developers of the test material and the size depends on the Experienced programmers unit test or test-first development process employed, short-term, low-risk project does not require the test engineer. Another destination to consider a different role in software testing is set for software testers. They / manager, tester, test designer, a test AUTOMATER / automated test development and test managers lead.

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