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Spyware Definitions List

Adware and spyware definitions list is very long. However, the following definition of the common man. Spyware is a true and glossaries, these malicious programs to your computer, so you know what channels can be


Adware is usually installed components shareware or freeware program that you can download. For developers to create a pop-up window adware-generating advertising revenue. Most adware components are actually installed on the user's consent. Provided with the software, because most people's problems never read the End User License Agreement.


Many adware Most bundled with freeware or shareware spyware is installed. To collect sensitive personal information to people you know about online behavioral spyware programs are transmitted. Knowing Japanese data are collected. You damage a hacker can find away to be completed on time.

Browser hijacker

Help napchibeomga pure browser toolbar will be installed in your browser. They change the settings of your browser to change the default home page to point to the site to generate revenue for the kidnappers may

Trojan horse programs

Trojan horse programs sneak into your system, you run the spyware does not recognize a similar. One of them is granting to the user programmers, the number of malicious programs do not use this for. Trojan horse program is a good thing itself can not be replicated.

Tracking Cookies

Tracking cookies, passwords, and settings with a small amount of data, such as files. You can provide this benefit, especially if you tracking cookies again, you can visit the web site. However, in the wrong hands, without their knowledge or consent of your personal information a cookie Internet marketing, is used to track the behavior


Keyloggers background programs that run automatically every keystroke is recorded. One key input data used later to retrieve the hacker has remote keylogger program records. Hackers, passwords, credit card numbers and personal information can be obtained on the computer.


The definition of malware or malicious software, a computer program is to harm. Computer viruses, worms, malware, trojans, and all considered, but several different types of programs can be included in the period.

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