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SQL.2000 Pervasive Data Recovery for Microsoft Great Plains Dynamics - DBA overview of the

Great Plains Software products now Microsoft Business Solutions introduced a few. Microsoft Great Plains, Microsoft muscles behind it is becoming more and more popular partly because. Now the whole spectrum of horizontal and vertical market customers are targeted. (Based on the same technology - Great Plains Dexterity dictionary and runtime DYNAMICS.DIC DYNAMICS.EXE) for a small company, our clients are using the standard media largest market by providing the rest of the Great Plains Small Business Manager plains of MSDE.

Your database administrator, you support the dissemination SQL.2000/Ctree version - the more you have to find clues about where to read

1. Microsoft Great Plains tables structure - a great start to move to the Tools-> Resource Description-> Tables peulreinreul. You can find the appropriate setting of the table. Customer master file, the account master file - GL00101, sales job file header - SOP10200 - If you are looking for the customers you need to have an idea RM00101.

Two. In Microsoft Access, is used. In Microsoft Access, and Microsoft Great Plains to connect to the lunch table. This data modification / repair Pervasive Control Center, some people may want to use - we do not recommend it - MS Access can do a better job.

Three. Batch recovery lock-unlock placement, publication has been discontinued. Table: SYoo500 - batch header - you need to place the display changes or publishing field

Four. Activity Table - Great Plains is locked, if you - all other end users ACTIVITY.BTR (prevalence) or ACTIVITY.DAT (Ctree) delete request

Five. Pervasive / Ctree to connect to Crystal Reports - CD in, you have Great Plains Dynamics on Pervasive SQL ODBC driver must be installed. Great Plains ODBC connection to the database, you can deploy

Six. Sometimes you need to rescue the Great Plains Dexterity - you ongoing data import and own Great Plains Integration Manager does not need or you can deploy Integration Manager object. Great Plains proprietary software tools and development environments and programming, you need to invest the time before.

Seven. Complex data migration - MS SQL server links - if you Pervasive / ctree two weeks you can create a linked server, you come across all of the tables in this set, the cursor can be created - we usually (it's MS I read a table schema in SQL Server) Pervasive SQL to get data from the database using EXEC statement for the spread is treated as such.

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