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The Seven Golden Rules Of Data Backups

For two reasons: the company's data backup is performed. The first is a document accidentally deleted or corrupted, restore the original document, and the (for example, fire, theft victims) something catastrophic occurs as part of a computer disaster recovery plan that can accommodate a second time.

You just need some value back costs time, money and effort to implement. This means that they tend to give low priority to the will, but in the end they are the difference between survival and failure for your business can easily be expressed. This is the most common mistake TipSheet Our company sees as a backup.

1. Frequent backups 

The input data is a tedious and frustrating again. Back up your data once a week, your company can be the best ever you have a means to re-enter back one week the value of enterprise data, which means that you may need to re-enter on the day. Frequent backups of data loss can reduce the impact.

Two. All volatile data storage of a desktop PC, not

In many organizations, the document on your desktop PC, the hard drive is stored. It does not seem to back it up regularly, if at all, is PC can easily be replaced: Replace quoted last week, may not be easy. In particular, e-mail to your local hard drive (it is very common for small and medium enterprises) are not stored in the confirm. All documents, spreadsheets, e-mail, regular backups should be stored on a central server in turn.

Three. Automate the backup process

It can be tedious to back. 18:30, most people prefer to stay in the office to start to find more accurate tape backup set, or co-workers home from the bar can join. To automate tedious tasks means that they end up.

Four. Monitor the backup process

We recommend that you back up the automation, but make sure that they are running properly. New users to backup the files to make sure that the new files are backed up after a quick scan once a week, a much more serious problem, make sure to avoid.

Five. Backup, off-site storage

Business buildings suffered fire or flood, as well as the backup media is likely to be lost. In general, at any given time, one hour fire resistance, protection the media box - if you use one, make sure the manufacturer's specifications. It's probably buried thief threw the tape away, always in the server backup tapes were stolen. It is worth nothing to him, but you can indicate the bankruptcy.

Six. "Backup recovery" manual creation

How to recover data storage and backup media of the major disaster, not the time. Fool-proof, step-by-step procedures, off-site storage has been copied in writing - the company how to recover the data is described in detail.

Seven. Normal repair test

Backup and recovery documentation without warning staff reported the amount of time it takes to recover the data. In most organizations, this is not! Manually create a backup of or related to participation in self-test, there is no one. Analysis and documentation of test results should be updated accordingly. Recovery tests twice a year or more must be done. The amount of the backup itself, can be used as a proof of the organization to understand how to use is required.

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