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The Storm of the Year

Starting an e-mail viruses and worms undoubtedly spam is the most successful year in 2007 appeared on the Internet since the evolution of squelching insidious problem "Storm" worm attempts to embarrass continued.

At the end of 2006 or early 2007 release (anti-virus technology, depending on the comments), so the four giant worms, bots instructions for making the world's main goal seems to be. Storm prediction (also known as Peacomm and W32/Nuwar) flood the world with spam difficult to trace manhago million infected computers have been used as a way among the world. Running the company's Web site and infiltrate government and military networks are believed to work in the direction of the ultimate success of a terrorist attack on the denial of service attacks on a variety of botnets.

It is very difficult to identify the Storm worm is much more difficult to remove. It is truly like a virus, the program is evolving, IP addresses, as well as denial-of-service attacks that can run more proven it for the detection and investigation of the behavior of people who are trying to investigate.

Person's computer bandwidth usage, mass email sendings to start the robot still does not use too much of the personal information collected to provide a communication control of an infected computer that is generated by the four people are connected to. This machine also runs the aforementioned denial of service attacks, it is masked by the author and numerous media means is a means of exchange.

Fraud detection, to try new things while maintaining a greater risk of the sender is the ability to test. Finnish antivirus company F-Secure ipnidayi of the worm's author has been able to identify the right person. They came from Russia, where a group of people Zhelatin are based on reasonable assurance.

Download Storm worm deceive many people click on the link for the conquest of the computer is using different methods. This year, posting a video to convince you "Hallmark" greeting card fraud attack some of the most well-known "you YouTube" The mail was Know less, but in some ways more insideous infection, code HTML in a text-only e-mail e-mail containing the code and the image was not a bomb.

Storm Worm (Storm Worm) (Storm Worm (Storm Worm)) contains the infected computer to turn it on search rules for the new Windows update from Microsoft to identify some of the variants. Storm Worm (Storm Worm) (Storm Worm (Storm Worm)) along with the growth of the mobile starts, or at least it seems. Mutant Storm and natural big problem, it's a secure site, even more difficult to rely on in the world that is home, a new course in the world of large-scale damage of the ability to take this program can be used to identify new challenges every day a little less friendly will.

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