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User-friendly programming meta-language, and their usefulness for

Information that describes the structure of the above meta-language software, this information can be easily retrieved by the system. XML (Extensible Markup Language) is a meta-language emerged as the most important, is the basis for many languages. XML standard, the Semantic Web, many computer-based reasoning system and other software applications, it is important for communication between. Author's other representations of XML-based standards, review and is not available on all systems now being developed, was found insufficient. This situation is highly unlikely. This standard software systems to communicate with other issues in order to maintain a software system opens up the possibility of communication, the use of common standards and other software systems do not use to be the most extensive. For a particular domain, the use of domain-specific standards to communicate aims.

Extensible Markup Language XML is an important standard in the development of the ontology. Construction of the language of a text document that can show the relationship between the concepts. It is standard on all types of computers because the XML can be used. Over the following XML syntax standards such as Resource Description Framework RDF further development, standardization, add a layer of meaning to. It is also a graphical representation of graphics, scalable vector graphics (SVG) XML information using a variety of objections may be.

To develop a model of program code, data can be an open standard language. It is the same as the separation of software and software information expressed in, but an open standard search method is proposed to be represented by. Software, it represented another information other information for the software that can be manipulated just more representation for other purposes, there is no reason to have. Thus, both the input and output XML can be used to define the application of the model itself provides. Model is represented as reading or writing information, the information can be read from or written to the model. This recursive "meta-programming" meta-programming to write a program in a different program that can be The purpose of the current code, compilers and interpreters can be done in, the relative ease of conversion layer visual representation of the problem that can be modeled using a series of terraces is to provide This way the computer, without having to write code to read ahninreul computer programmer to learn the language is to specify a command to the computer. To achieve this, the software, or information or other information that is displayed in the hierarchy of the code must be readable. Code and you separate out only in a matter of design choice to help you understand human information, they are the same kind of open standard languages ​​can be displayed in the same way is used.

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