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What kind of software testing should be considered

Black box testing - Internal design, this kind of knowledge is not based on testing and coding. This test is based on requirements and functionality.

White box testing - the internal logic of the code for this application is based on knowledge. Test code statements, branches, paths, conditions are based on a range of.

Unit testing - the most 'micro' scale of testing, to test specific functions or code modules. It is an internal program design and code typically requires a detailed knowledge of this that is done by non-programmers to testers. Hard code architecture, well-designed application that is not easy to test driver modules or test program can be developed.

Incremental integration testing - continuous testing a new feature of the application, the application to various aspects of all parts of the full independence must be performed by a programmer or tester to accomplish a task or, if necessary, before the development of a test driver is

Integration testing - they are all part of the test application is properly engaged to ensure that the work. "Wealth" client / server and distributed systems, as there are two types of particular relevance, such as code modules, individual applications, client and server applications on the network is a test.

Function Test - This test is geared to functional requirements of the application, this type of testing should be performed by the tester. This programmer's own code does not work before the public does not mean that you need to make (of course, this applies to all phases of the test.)

System Test - This work is based on overall requirements, the system covers all of the union.

End-to-end testing - similar to system testing, network communications, or other hardware, applications, and interact with the physical environment, the testing of the entire application, including the conditions and the mimic system used to interact with the same database.

Conductivity testing, smoke testing - typically an important test for the new software version, the initial test to determine whether to accept it for the work done is sufficient. The new software system crash or a damaged database every 5 minutes, if you create a crawling system, for example, further testing may not be the normal state of the current state of the software.

Regression tests - or software fix for this bug is fixed and re-tested. It re-test at the end of the development cycle, in particular, you need to determine how much is difficult. This type of automated testing tools can be very useful for testing.

Acceptance testing - final testing can be said teeth, and the specifications of the end-user or customer or for a limited period of time, this work, some of which are based on the use of end-users/customers based was done.

Test load-reduced, or Web site at some point in the load range of the test, load test the application to determine the failure, but the response time of such a system is nothing.

Stress testing - often 'Jim' and 'performance' testing terms used interchangeably. Also, in testing and unusually heavy load, such that a particular job or for input, database systems, the value of a large number of large and complex query that is used to describe a heavy repetition test the functionality of the system

Performance tests - often 'stress' with the same meaning as the term "load" test is used. Ideally 'performance' testing requirements documentation or QA or test plan to define

Usability testing - a test 'user-friendly' is done for. Obviously this is subjective, the end-user or customer will vary depending on the destination. User interviews, surveys, video recording of user sessions, and other techniques can be used. Programmers and testers are not generally suitable for usability testers.

Compatibility testing - Software-related hardware / software / operating system / network / know how to do other tests. Environment.

User Acceptance Testing - Software to determine whether the end user or customer satisfaction.

Comparison testing - comparing software weaknesses and strengths of its competitors.

Alpha test - the completion of development testing, minor design changes may still be made as a result of the test if you close the application. This is typically done by end-users or others, but the programmer or tester.'s Is

Beta test - basically completed development and testing of the final bugs and problems must be found before the release of the final test. This is usually a programmer or tester, and the end-user or any other person will be protected by

Mutation test - intentionally introducing various code changes ('bugs') and the 'bug' to determine the set of test data or test cases of the original test data / cases retested and will not be useful or have been found to ensure.

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