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When a software engineer, not a software engineer?

"Software Engineer" is the title of the highest in the world's high-tech companies have abused through. It is also one of the most popular.

And why not? It's "computer programmer" sounds much better than on his business card looks much better. Unfortunately, it is often inaccurate. Engineering, and eventually develop a powerful, efficient, and elegant system is the application of sound technical principles. I have so many software engineers to develop work programs found that, but little or no actual engineering design was performed.

Does this sound harsh? Maybe, but I also found a hard denial. Essential elements of software design, elegant - I clean and crisp, with easy-to-read style of coding, for example, most software engineers, has occurred. I have also written encryption function, poor abstract and bizarre spaghetti code software has been the lead. My disappointment, and even many of the computer science graduates personal data, public functions and a simple use of object instantiation and object-oriented programming has been found to reduce. It is the teacher's mind is enough to break.

Most programmers to write spaghetti code in the end would not be too far away now. It is not fair. However, I have relatively few programmers in the art of software development with a deep appreciation do you think. It does not mean they did not catch that one at all. Rather, it is an elegant code design engineering aspects of the more everything is too often ignored.

I have the proper code design modern programming tools seem to have made a nuisance because it is this idea. In the early days of computing, people sitting in front of a computer before they ever ponder the many fine details have to write their own software design. These days, Lee's fast compiler and interactive debugging system software programmers often simply sit with only a small amount of design, it is more convenient to start coding. Mind you, understand that sometimes more efficient-programming tasks, for example, is very routine. However, design-as-you-go software development standard practice, when you have the makings of a complete chaos.

Conductive part of the computer software this problem is rooted in the nature. The pride he works until something gisuljaeun Civil slapping together to design a girder bridges, the bridge collapsed when the end, it can take months to do it again is not just like any sensible architect building a house without blueprints and floor plans would not want to. Select the function and design of the wrong programmer just to develop software using the salpyeobolreul but it is unusual. If the software does not work, after all, they can always find the bug fix - at least in theory, is. In fact, these bugs are often difficult to detect, and it may require extensive surgery to correct. The results of a software program designed bottle indeed can be disastrous.

For this reason, I am a software engineering is a high-tech enterprise that it is worth I think we need to give respect. Instead, they settle for only the true culture of the systematic development of software design should be, "what works." Looking towards the future, the company software maintenance, elegant and solid design principles of proper documentation for the appropriate commitment must be paid. Also true between employees must inculcate a culture of software engineering. Failure to do so may work in the short term but in the long run is a recipe for disaster.

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