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Wi-Fi Hotspot Security

LAX your home turf, then set up your Boingo account, and you are a small business to a sports bar sipping Chardonnay or e-mail to confirm the figure playing. Well, in a relaxed atmosphere, Wi-Fi hotspot that can take care of a few things.

However, do not be nervous about security and providing confidential information to some unscrupulous hacker is ignored. Yeah, I see people. He more fake in the corner, wearing a clown nose and glasses with crazy clown hat is. Four drinking Blatz. Offers the dead.

Sorry, they are not clear, I am very rarely without performing Blatz they doubt not wearing a clown hat. If you think back to the people around you, you probably are tastefully classic business suit and women a classic custom to remember when you think of a stolen password, you have a chance, you she is not the one, I do not remember. The best defense is a few simple security measures, your business and your personal information is to implement protective measures can be protected. Hot Spot Security: the attention of the people around you, simple ingredients.

Public spaces, and consider the security of the first, but the Wi-Fi security, what is the state-of-the-art technology. Remember a few years ago when someone see people getting huge phone bills because they are the core of a pass code? Wi-Fi network is still happening to their subscribers. You keep the prying eyes of the keyboard and screen. You pay a monthly subscription and you have someone to steal your credit card number, or there is no reason to let Starbucks with a positive charge on a daily basis can join. Speaking of passwords:

Labor and suitable for people traveling to convince these people to be able to purloin is a major goal. This notebook is certainly subject to theft. Using complex passwords to protect the villain files, folders, and notebooks from access by the open space lobby. Please share!

Yes, I know, my mom telling us for centuries, to be shared, but you are using a Wi-Fi hotspot at least for you it does not use file-sharing can be good for your home and office are great to have, but you would like to Coffee house is a disaster in the making. Use a personal firewall.

Of the company you are using a laptop, but you have to install a firewall, and you should talk to your IT department to provide before you download a copy of ZoneAlarm, if you use your own laptop, or if you do not have to . Free ZoneAlarm, because I, for personal use, better than the rest of the test I can not see any other reason, but there are others.

Most of the reason, to say the least obvious one you are using a firewall, but all outgoing traffic and the future of the communications between the application must have at least need to be aware of. Hot Spot Security: Evil Twin attention a few simple ingredients

Otherwise, the "bad hot spots ', or e-mail phishing scams" soft AP attack' sinhoyi the Internet version of the Wi-Fi hotspot, known as the SSID legal jam perpetrated by hackers to mimic that. Then, the user name, password, and in some cases to the login page to collect your credit card number to them in a position to intercept the traffic is to be able to go away and they allow you to connect to the internet is as well (not shared!) all open files and unencrypted shared.

You 'is a part of the label from the Twins can do to protect yourself:

Automatically connect to the network to allow, Wi-Fi, do not set the card.
To see a list of available SSID to make sure to connect to the right one.
Other clients can connect directly to the ad-hoc mode is turned off.
The only turn off the Wi-Fi card to exit as soon as possible.
Your personal or business use two 'defense' version can match.
Firewall 'Evil Twin' of information that will help you to protect must fall accidental damage does not maintain a connection to.
Encrypt confidential information

And the data transmission between the web site's security, so when you do something or bank to buy online, you can calculate the Snidely Whip for the safety of Starbucks can be done without fear. You when you log on to a secure portion of the site, however, you (HTTPS) be careful of halju barapnidayi visibility on the protection of the safe can be done.

You can do to protect yourself when you send e-mail are just a few. For example, in most cases, instead of using Outlook or Thunderbird, and the need to protect the security of data transmission, you can take advantage of the ISP's web interface.

Often, when the need arises to transfer large files via e-mail, and then to meet the requirements for the protection of data encryption Most Moreover, to reduce the size of the file compression program is compressed using the program.

Cryptainer LE is another option is to use a free encryption program. Cryptainer LE with your laptop as well as e-mail encryption, security, stolen or is damaged, you one of the files, they are stored on the hard drive can be encrypted, or both if them to protect can. Cryptainer PE can be used in enterprise applications.

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