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Your computer could be infected (NOT about virus) Here's how to check

Adware, spyware and unauthorized "wrong" are two examples of the software. Home page or search page without permission will contain fraudulent software program. Can be obtained from the system there are many ways deceptive software. Typical trick secretly will like you to install the software during the installation of other software, music or video file sharing program is this.

Whenever you install something on your computer, you make sure you read all disclosures, including the license agreement and privacy policy intentionally. Sometimes adware on installing certain software license agreement or personal information is documented, but may appear at the end.

Automatically without any warning at all, sometimes buying the software is installed on the system. This can cause problems if you are using Internet Explorer web browser, the Internet Explorer security settings are set to a low value. Intermediate level or above must maintain this setting. This work has been installed on the computer that you control the content that will help.

If you want to download it so you say "no" was repeatedly Do you have experience? You load their software, the author of deceptive software is used to obtain the same trick. "Yes", if that happens to you, do not click. Instead of "X" in the corner of the first window, trying to close the web page have to get knocked down. In addition, Internet Explorer, search the Internet to shut down and restart to restart. When you visit a Web page to display a pop-up window to continue demanding this website may not be worthy of trust.

So far, the computer may be infected, but you may not know. The game is not over yet, the need to clean the infection and screening for special software designed to know the status of your computer, you can find it. Spyware can infect your PC again. So the system is very clean and it is recommended that you run a firewall. Daily communication occurs with a computer monitor and can block unwanted people feel. Firewall PC and the outside world (Internet / network) acts as a barrier between.

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