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Your ten tips to protect your laptop

Next business trip, or to protect the notebook is a list of tips.

1. You do not leave your laptop. Airports, hotels, car rental agencies, offices, restaurants, college campuses, toilets, public telephones, libraries, bars, hospitals, conference center, train station and bus terminal: located at the physical ownership always take special care to keep a laptop.

Two. The theft of a laptop computer, record the serial number and the model of the information wallet or purse, so when the information is readily available to submit a report to the police.

Three. Camouflage bag. If you have something of value to alert a thief holding a laptop that is designed specifically for transporting the computer. Instead, bag, briefcase, or other inconspicuous bags, laptop carrying bags at the common good.

Four. Lock! Laptop computer on a desk or table locks to secure the cable.

Five. Permanently etched or computer name and a phone number that is used to display the carve. You can also a great place for many types of business cards in the carrying case pouch.

Six. Do not place the computer in checked baggage.

Seven. Carrying case to identify any special way. Brightly colored tape, yarn, or to provide the missing event will help you find a bag tag. When traveling, you can also do something in bright colors are recommended for a real laptop (new security measures, the view, from the point of view of security for travelers in the airport, his case should be removed from his laptop.)

Eight. Stored in the trunk of the car before you arrive at the final destination if you need a laptop is left in your car.

Nine. Please back up your information periodically. If the computer is stolen, the information must be stored separately.

10. As soon as it is reported stolen. If a laptop is lost or stolen, your employer as soon as possible, local authorities are required to submit a missing persons report. This will speed the recovery process will help.

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